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Feadship Yachts is the combination of two Netherlands shipyards, who started independently and came together in 1949. The De Vries and Royal Van Lent families were the founders of Feadship yachts. The name of Feadship is an acronym for the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders. The marketing of Feadship began in the United States, where an active market for pleasure and luxury yachts was emerging. Feadship has produced custom-built displacement motoryachts, which can range from 70 feet to their largest 282 foot “Ecstasea”. De Vries Scheepsbouw is at the heart of Aaslmeer, and the Van Lent shipyard is on Kaag Island. The design center, De Voogt Naval Architects, is in Haarlem. Feadship uses steel and aluminum for construction of their yachts. Orders began flowing for yachts by the mid 1950's. By the 1960's, Feadship achieved steady growth - both in the organization's reputation and the size of the vessels built. By the early 1970's however, Feadship's popularity was soaring, with several yachts being launched each year. Notable business magnates such as Henry Ford and Malcolm Forbes became owners of Feadship yachts, which helped give Feadship a global and corporate identity. With over 200 Feadships gracing the world's oceans, a commitment to supplying total reliability has clearly paid off. On average five major craft are launched annually, and Feadship is acknowledged as a global leader in the construction of premium quality displacement motoryachts. De Vries Scheepsbouw was founded in 1923. The yard is now solely dedicated to building custom-built motoryachts. Today the workforce has expanded to 250 highly skilled craftsmen and two motoryachts are built each year. The Shipyard encompasses two dry docks and one slipway with building capacity up to 80 meters in length. The Van Lent yard was founded in 1849. Today the workforce has expanded to over 250 highly skilled craftsmen as well and the yard builds two motoryachts per year. The Shipyard encompasses two dry docks and two slipways with building capacity up to 100 meters in length. De Voogt Naval Architects was established in 1912 and was one of the original founders of the Feadship organization. Today 58 permanent staff members and a number of freelance specialists cover every discipline of yacht engineering and yacht design: naval architecture, mechanical engineering and interior design drawing. The close relationship between De Voogt and the yards ensures a fundamental understanding of the construction techniques of the builders as well as the utmost quality in design, engineering and construction. So many of the world’s most famous yachts carry the Feadship insignia, including no less than 6 Gallant Lady’s. One of Feadship’s latest launches, which is a testament to their craftsmanship, is the 235’ “Utopia”.
The superyacht built as Project 700 and now known today as "Lonian" is a vessel well documented on the exterior from launch through sea trials and even after delivery. Her masculine exterior lines are the work of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design with an interior that was completed by Richard Hallberg Interior Design in concert with Sinot. The interior has not been publicly documented and remains private. In fact the owner of Lonian stipulated that they wanted a full year of use of this superyacht without any publicity.
A legend often stands alone. Adding to, or indeed surpassing one, is never a simple challenge. Designing, building and delivering superb yachts is like a fine art. Requirements, tenets, performance must be observed in the creation of excellent seagoing vessels. However, Feadship has accomplished this rare feat again and again in the luxury yachting world. And while its own excellent creations continue to set new pinnacles, the acclaimed builder has now launched yet another yacht to be noticed, admired, praised. She is the pristine “Lady Christine.” On many occasions, the design pinnacle is very much influenced by long-experienced yachtsmen-owners. Here too, with many successes to their credits, Lord and Lady Laidlaw, owners of previous super-class yachts over a lifetime of motor-yachting-sailing dedication, have chosen Feadship. Again. This titled yachtsman, world-class sailor, offers the builder his highest praise, affirming the Royal Dutch Shipyards as the paramount super-yacht producer. The Lord’s numerous international sailing-racing escutcheons and ownership of super-yachts attest to his competence in measuring nautical operational achievement.
Future Feadship!X-Bow meets the X-Files. Like a Klingon Warship uncloaking itself to strike, Feadship debuted a radical new concept at the Monaco Yacht Show… the 241’ “X-Stream”. A drastic departure in design, this aXe-bow boat with a see-thru superstructure is as extreme as the name implies. A future Feadship of sorts, the model is presented as a conceptual look at a possible course to plot for the renowned Dutch builder. Although the X-Stream remains a concept, the technology to build it and the interest it has generated are very real. With a contract for build, Feadship could take this boat from theory to reality in short order, as the fundamentals of the design have already been carried out by the De Voogt design studio, in conjunction with the Delft Institute of Technology in Holland. The result is more than a Feadship with a new figure, it’s producing numbers that dictate the design is worthy of development.
If indeed practice does make perfect; and if the “rule of threes” governs the most intricate proportions of the fine arts, Richard and Judi Duchossois have scored a perfect ten with their latest 198’ Feadship, Blue Moon. The third to bear that monogram in a triumph of glamorous yacht building, their treasure yacht has advanced from its storied beginnings through two progressions to arrive at its current pinnacle.
Well-noted design firm Winch Designs just unveiled the design for an 88-meter called Project 'Fusion' on the opening day of the 2024 edition of the Palm Beach International Boat Show. The new design is envisioned for younger clientele with its layout and interior dominated by neutral but tactile finishes according to Winch. The new 88-meter yacht would be built by Feadship.
Feadship has released information about a superyacht they are currently working on. This one is the 71.75-meter project named "Sakura". With a design by Studio De Voogt on the exterior and an interior by FM Architettura the yacht boasts many onboard facilities for its future owner and guests. By future owner we mean the yacht is being built on speculation with no client attached to the project so far. This fact makes her the only Feadship to be in build without an owner. However, it presents as a good opportunity for a client to take-up the build while its construction is already underway.
Feadship has launched another yacht and this time it is the 55-meter explorer superyacht "Shinkai". She was under construction as hull 708 and built for an experienced owner who will no doubt take her on long-range missions across the seas. Shinkai has been designed by Vitruvius Yachts in particularly Philippe Briand. As a result of the scope of use Shinkai is planned for, a number of special features have been built in to the yacht. As the planned adventures include taking on the North-West and North-East Passages, the former Project 708 was built with a steel hull strengthened to ice class. It also includes an advanced sonar system to explore the ocean floor. Below we see an image at launch taken by Dutch Yachting.
Dutch superyacht builder Feadship has launched their latest build this morning. She is the yacht known in-build has Hull 1009. It is a 95-meter superyacht that will be christened "Bliss" for her new owner. The design of this 94.75-meter, 3000 GT superyacht is by De Voogt while the interiors are by Remi Tessier.
Yesterday saw the launching of the latest superyacht from the Feadship Kaag yard. The vessel is the 94-meter known in build as hull 817 sporting a design by an Azure and De Voogt collaboration with an interior by Peter Marino Architects. One of the hallmarks of this vessel is it's environmentally friendly nature thanks to many of the systems installed onboard. Feadship says there is an 'exceptionally advanced hybrid propulsion system' installed.
The near 72-meter Project 819 has been launched in the Netherlands by Feadship. Gorgeous lines by Harrison Eidsgaard punctuate the exterior flow and culminate to formulate a concept that looks familiar to the avid yachting community. Project 819 is strikingly similar to a previous Feadship built in 2016 called "Hampshire" at present but was launched as "Vanish"-former YN809-. Project 819 was also known as Project Galina in build as well.
Feadship's latest superyacht project has emerged from their new facilities in Amsterdam. The new vessel is Project 816 which is a 88.38-meter superyacht with exterior design by Studio De Voogt. The interior is actually a collaboration between FM Architettura and Nauta Yachts. The vessel was launched a couple days ago on the 19th of December and is already being prepared for her sea trials with delivery to her owner aimed for the early part of 2021. It was just last year May that we saw this vessel arrive at the new Amsterdam Feadship facilities to be outfitted.
Today Dutch yacht builder Feadship towed the 99.95-meter superyacht "Moonrise" from her finishing shed at the Maakum yard. She has been designed by De Voogt with an interior by Remi Tessier. Moonrise is said to be the longest superyacht built in the Netherlands via waterline length (LWL) measurement. Her hull has been finished in a grey colour with a gleaming white superstructure. The build was made with steel for the hull and aluminium for the superstructure. Many would have known this vessel under construction as XL1008.
The newest yacht from Dutch superyacht builder Feadship has been brought into the light of day. This is the 75-meter superyacht known as hull 703 while under construction and presently adorned with the name "Arrow". The design is by London-based H2 Yacht Designs -which represents the first time Feadship has worked with this design house-.
The first superyacht of the new year has been launched and earlier today at Feadship in Aalsmeer, the 58-meter "Najiba" was towed from her construction hall. Her name meaning 'Noble' is easy going in rolling off the tongue and the experienced owner admires the vessel's many characteristics including the exterior lines by Philippe Briand and modern-sophisticated interior by Christian Liaigre.
Dutch custom building yard Feadship announced this morning that a new yacht exited their sheds at Aalsmeer. This is the fourth Feadship yacht to be launched for the year 2017. Even though the yacht has been towed outside of the shed, there is still not a whole lot known about the build. We do know that this is hull build number 696. Feadship says that they will release information (like name) when they 'officially launch' the yacht. The exterior design is by themselves while the interior is by Redman Whiteley Dixon (RWD).
Dutch yard Feadship launched the fourth unit in the so-called 'Lagoon' series back in January. The yacht is now conducting her sea trials ahead of its delivery. The craft was recently spotted departing Amsterdam to conduct her first round of sea trials in these photos below by Dutch Yachting. This yacht was built as hull 698 and is the fourth to date. The yard also has another 'Lagoon' cruiser at the facilities, the fifth hull.