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Innovation sits at the core of everything at CL Yachts. It is a character trait passed down from their parent company, Cheoy Lee Yachts, who has been an industry leader and pioneer of fiberglass and vacuum-bagged construction techniques, including the world’s first all-foam cored production motor yacht, and the world’s largest fiberglass motorboat with a Lloyd’s Register classification. CL Yachts boast resin-infused, composite hulls, with RINA hull construction certificates, and foam-cored monocoque structures. With honeycomb-integrated furnishings, composite foam-backed stonework, and carbon fiber throughout, their boats are modern material masterpieces. Safety is a cornerstone of every CL Yachts’ seacraft. Built on floating frameworks, the interior of each of their models is insulated from the hull and support members, minimizing vibration. Craftsmanship touches every task at CL Yachts’ shipyard. The highly-skilled process builds upon a wealth of expertise inherited by their time-honored parent company. From integral tanks created as part of the structure of our hulls to performance-enhancing lightweight furniture, every detail is made with an attention-to-detail that is second to none. The result is harmonious, state-of-the-art vessels that not only meet the expectations of discerning modern explorers – they comfortably exceed them.
In the yachting universe, recognizable design elements generally convey a brand while polarizing designs often create a stir. It's an elusive emotional quotient that isn't clearly defined. So what happens when a super-modern superstructure collides with a commercial workboat bow? Is it an emerging design trend or a one-hit wonder? Before you decide, step inside the CLX96 SAV or Sea Activity Vessel, an acronym spawned by this clean-sheet, floating biosphere where interior and exterior space expand to become an infinite number. This boat was built to make walls disappear, leaving you immersed in your surroundings and discarding the notion that no man is an island.
With much of the attention currently on the CLB88 which has been on display at the ongoing Miami Yacht Show, as well as the new CLX96 SAV, there is another new boat from CL that is nearing completion and it checks all the boxes in the mid-range segment. It is actually from the Bravo line (CLB) and is the new CLB65 which is targeting owner/operators. "CLB65 will stand out for a lot of reasons," says CL Yachts’ Martin Lo. "Our clients will enjoy the expansive windows, which have an up-down function on the port side and a flip-up window at aft bulkhead by the galley. This is in line with our idea of bringing outside in and inside out."
If you follow YF, you are likely becoming familiar with the name CL Yachts. It may be a new name to some readers, but its one of the oldest names in yachting. CL Yachts is the same company that previously branded their yachts as Cheoy Lee. Cheoy Lee Shipyards is actually the commercial side of the business which manufactures a myriad of vessels like tugs, pilot launches, ferries, crew boats etc. Cheoy Lee Yachts recently began branding themselves as CL Yachts to differentiate their yacht division business away from their commercial exploits. In keeping with this new freshening, the Bravo line has been updated with the introduction of the CLB88 (CL Yachts Bravo 88) and earned itself a few accolades along the way. The CLB88 copped the 2019 GOOD DESIGN Award in the transportation category, presented by the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.
The CLB88 is a motoryacht built with CL Yacht's design philosophy in mind; blending a long, illustrious history in ship building with the very latest in materials and technology. CL Yachts extensive expertise in resin-infused composites is highlighted on this build, integrating carbon fiber reinforcements into the lamination schedule, allowing the yacht's weight to be significantly reduced while strength and rigidity are increased.
If you were at the Miami Yacht Show recently you might have seen CL Yachts in attendance and on display. You might also ask who is CL Yachts? They are a well-known brand that is introducing another brand. Remember Cheoy Lee Yachts? Yes they are the company behind CL Yachts and making their debut officially in Miami they also managed to sell their first yacht there under the new branding.
The CLB line is taking off from CL Yachts and they used the 64th edition of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) to unveil their latest addition to the CLB line, the CLB80. Not surprisingly, the design is by Jozeph Forakis who is no stranger to working with CL Yachts. If you remember the yard showcased their flagship CLX96 at last year's FLIBS and YachtForums wrote an in-depth review here; CLX96 SAV . While this is just an announcement for the new CLB80 model, plans are currently afoot preparing for the construction of the first unit. The first hull is expected to start construction by the second quarter of 2024. It will be built in composite.
Here is a look at the second hull in the CLB65 model to be launched by CL Yachts. This hull is being finished up and is expected to make its debut in Hong Kong. Bare in mind that the class leader of this model made its debut in the United States at the Newport International Boat Show in September 2022. It is important that further attention is created for this model on the other side of the world. Construction of hull 2 is in the same resin-infused composite materials with areas of carbon fiber.
The first hull of CL Yacht's CLX96 SAV model is currently on its way to the United States. Once it gets to Florida the vessel will have some sea trials with potential CL Yachts clients. The 99 GT vessel was seen being loaded on a transport cargo vessel to be shipped across to the United States. The CLX96 SAV (Sea Activity Vehicle) is the first in a new model from the yard. The yacht has already completed sea trials in Asia but still has client-based sea trials to conduct in the U.S.
The first CL Yachts CLX96 SAV (Sea Activity Vessel) has been launched. The yacht should have been launched a few months ago but due to pandemic-related issues the launching had to be pushed back. The following photos showcases the vessel in the travel lift being taken to the water for the first time. The exterior is a bit different from what you usually see with the reverse raked windshields fore and aft. The exterior lines were penned by Jozeph Forakis.
The widely anticipated CLX96 SAV was expected to make its debut at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). With the show about to start it doesn't appear that this will be the case as the yacht has not even been launched as yet. It is actually expected to be launched in November. The CLX 96 SAV (Sea Activity Vehicle) is late and the yard is citing pandemic related supply-chain issues. "It’s all coming together on CLX96 and it will be beautiful when the yacht is completed. The realization of the designer’s vision is on track, and we are extremely proud of what is being achieved with our very first SAV," said Martin Lo, CL Yachts Director.
It was only in 2019 when CL Yachts completed their first unit in the CLB72 model. Fast forward to the present and this brand has just completed its seventh (7th) hull in this series. In roughly two years this yard has completed 7 units of this model. Five of them were sold and of those five, four went to owners in the U.S and the other to Hong Kong. The seventh hull will head to the U.S, Fort Lauderdale to be specific.
Towards the end of last month CL Yachts gave us a glimpse into the work being done on the latest CLB 72 yacht. This one is in fact the 7th hull in the CLB 72 model and is actually closer to 76.11-feet in overall length despite the model name. With the superstructure already joined to the hull, work can focus on the fitout of the vessel for acceptance of the new interior. CL Yachts says the yacht will gave a Hickory interior when completed.
CL Yachts is presently working on their first unit of the new CLX96 model. The first hull should be complete in 2021 and premiere at the 2021 edition of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). The SAV is what they call this model, which is an acronym for Sea Activity Vessel. Like most yacht designers in modern times, they aim to meld the interiors activity with the exterior activity. The design has been penned by Jozeph Forakis.
Despite how 2020 has changed CL Yachts persisted with work on their latest yacht the CL88. Now the 27-meter craft has been launched into the water via travel lift. Jozeph Forakis is the designer of this craft and the original plan was for the CL88 to make her debut at the 2020 edition of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS).