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Burger Boat Company builds yachts from its Manitowoc, Wisconsin shipyard. In 1863, Henry Burger started producing 20-30 foot Mackinaw fishing boats for local use. Today, Burger Boat Company designs and manufactures custom motor yachts with a mix of traditional and contemporary designs. In years long past, steel was used to construct Burger's yachts, but now aluminum is the choice. Burger is the originator of the flush-deck cruiser, and incorporates this design into many of their modern yachts. The size of Burger yachts falls between 82 feet and 165 feet in length. Burger has also developed the Automatic Managed Power System, using equipment from several manufacturers together with a programmable logic device to consistently deliver electrical power. Servicing the needs of customers is important to Burger – the company produced the largest motor yacht with complete wheelchair accessibility. The Burger Boat Company story began in 1846, when Simon and Margaretta Braubuger left their home in Homberg-Ober-Erlinbach, Deutschland and immigrated to the United States with their five children. The ocean crossing had a pronounced influence on their youngest child, Henry. Upon arriving in the New World, the family shortened their name to Burger and established a home in Jeffersonville, New York. The upper Midwest, particularly Wisconsin, had become a desired destination for many German European’s as the region was similar in climate to the topography of the Old World. In 1856, the Burger family relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the young Henry honed his skills by working as a shipbuilder at Milwaukee’s Wolf & Davidson shipyard. By 1863, Henry Burger began building his own fishing boats. His expertise for building became well known around the great lakes. By 1900, the Burger name appeared on about 100 vessels. Throughout the 1900’s, Burger continued to prosper, but entering into the 1980’s, economics and difficult business times played a role in Burger being sold to a customer, John McMillian who took Burger through some of it’s most prosperous years, a period between 1985 and 1990, when nearly 47% of all yachts sold over 80’ in the United States were built by Burger. McMillian tried to relocate Burger to Florida, but was met with resistance and opted to sell Burger to United Shipbuilders, who was looking to expand it’s diminishing military contracts into the pleasure boating market, buy acquiring Burger and Striker Yachts. The loss of more military contracts resulted in an abrupt halt of their operations. By 1990, the closing of Burger was ordered. Some 160 skilled workers banded together to form the “Former Burger Worker’s” group, dedicated to staying in touch with past employees. In the early 1990’s, recognizing the commitment and skills of Burger’s many workers, David Ross and friend Jim Ruffolo, entered the picture and began to lay the ground work for the resurrection of Burger and its return to building yachts. By 1993, Burger was re-opened, some 26 months after it had been closed. By 1994, Burger introduced the 91’ “Windrush” at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show and it was met with great acclaim, resulting in 3 new build contracts. Since the re-birth of Burger and under Ross’s guidance, Burger has launched 26 vessels by the end of 2004, once again establishing the illustrious Burger Boat Company name.
Burger Boat's 42m Motoryacht "Liberty"Bold New, Blunt Bow Burger! Reflecting upon its 150 year history, Burger created a new and exciting design that celebrates its legacy of designing and building some of the world’s most recognizable yachts. This new design is named Liberty to reflect the freedom from restrictions one enjoys while aboard a Burger built yacht. Taking a sophisticated design approach, the Burger team, in collaboration with Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect Ltd., created Liberty as the ultimate yacht. At 138’ (42m), she provides everything the active family could want including formal and informal living spaces, exceptional exterior areas for entertaining and easy access to the water for swimming and water sports enjoyment.
Burger's Retro RPH CruisersThe Classic Craze Continues... Founded in 1863, Burger Boat Company is an established custom yacht builder with a long record of building vessels for the most discerning clients. Burger’s heritage is steeped in tradition and now, they're embracing their past and taking a step forward as they announce the return of the Classic Cruiser. These classic designs replicate the look of Burgers from the past while providing modern construction techniques and today's technology. Each new Classic Cruiser reflects Burger's heritage. Hundreds of Burger’s have cruised the world’s oceans and each one has a story behind it. Now you can start your own story! These new Cruisers are designed for family enjoyment that hearkens a simpler time and a timeless way to travel. The Classic Cruisers are presented in three popular sizes, ranging from 76 feet to 100 feet, but because Burger is a custom builder, these sizes can be adjusted to meet the needs of each client. The first in the Classic Cruiser range is the Burger 76' Raised Pilot House motoryacht. Accented with mahogany handrails and caprails, it captures the original flair of the much beloved cruisers from yesteryear.
True Beauty is Timeless; hallowing an iconography that echoes, reverberates unendingly through the ages. Though brief fads and passing fantasy developments may alter capricious tastes, classic art and design sedately continue to elevate our mind’s appreciation of extraordinary beauty.
Burger Boat Company’s 101’ Tò-Kalòn, just introduced, takes her title from the ancient writings of Plato, meaning “The Beautiful.” The engaging concept itself, however not lost in antiquity, also looms up with classic importance in other genres. Yachting’s elite wine connoisseurs will recognize the name for exquisite, award-winning Cabernet Sauvignons from Robert Mondavi and Chateau Boswell, noted Napa Valley winemakers. Those elegant burgundies are spawned in the historic Tò-Kalòn Vineyard, prized from the 1870s ‘till today. So, a classic, ageless soubriquet imprints Burger’s modern, tastefully fashioned 101’ yacht. Beautiful, precisely. At the 2008 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, Burger representative Curtis Mark gave us a tour of the analysis and attention to detail that Burger puts into each yacht before and during its build. Burger’s design team, as America’s most venerated yacht builder (Since 1863) enlisted Cor D. Rover Design for exterior styling, along with Donald A. Blount Associates for the latest advances in naval architecture and technology. The result is this superb “Mid-size Super-yacht.” The yacht’s modern design is formed from Alustar Aluminum alloy, which is over 20% stronger (both before and after welding) than conventional aluminum alloy, thereby increasing structural rigidity. Its highly anti-corrosive characteristics will significantly prolong the life expectancy of the vessel’s paint coating as well. ABS certified, Tò-Kalòn is subdivided into four water-tight compartments.
So personal, like choosing the soubriquet for a beloved pet, is naming a yacht. Whether intentionally or no, the result artfully tells something about the owner, something cherished, perhaps; some hidden dream, or personality quirk, even something outlandish, for some. And so it was with Mirgab, Burger’s new 144’ magic charm. Built in America’s Midwest at Manitowoc, Wisconsin, she traveled halfway around the world to arrive near the place that fondly whispered her name, Mirgab: in Arabic, “a breathtaking view from high on a hill”.
There have been a number of notable, even famous, Lady Pats; Our own First Lady Pat Nixon; Then a prize winning 46’ Robertson & Caine Lion in Tortola; and the 48’ Elco Lady Pat – Best Power Boat. Today, a true American Southern Belle is crowned to join them, swathed in fashion, beauty and style: She is Burger’s Raised Pilothouse 98... and she's our very own Lady Pat.
Burger's New 106' ACS Series MotoryachtWOW! by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy If there is one word most often used as an expression when beholding today’s yachts… it is WOW! But a simple exclamation alone cannot begin to describe Burger’s latest launch. There is fine line between creating a traditional yacht and a modern yacht, a line that Burger has blended brilliantly through the years. A delicate disbursement of today’s technology and yesterday’s grace are among the many reasons that Burger’s boats have always been the preferred choice of true yachtsmen, who hold the Burger name in the greatest of esteem. This is the same reason that Burger’s command one of the highest resale values in the used boat market. Lineage and pedigree become sublime factors when you board a Burger, as a masterful mosaic of engineering and understated elegance factor in to fill the psyche with a sense of awe… and a sense of WOW!
Burger Boat Company explores un-chartered waters with a big bow boat that’s an ice-breaker in yacht design. Expedition yachts are all the rage with a “form-follows-function” philosophy. With Top Times, form and function collide and sink the notion that bold can’t be beautiful.
Burger Boat is currently working not one, but two 48 Cruiser vessels with build numbers 511 and 512. The yachts are being built in aluminum for lightweight displacement that will aid her Volvo Penta D8 IPS 800 engines in meeting performance objectives. Top speed is anticipated to be around 35-knots using these 600 horsepower units, that is 1,200 horse power below deck on a sub-50-footer.
The 32-meter explorer-type yacht "Northland" that Burger Boat was building a launched has now been formally delivered to her owner. The yacht left the yard a few days ago and is now another one successfully handed over for the yacht builder. Northland features an exterior design by Luiz de Basto working closely with the yacht owner to fulfill his dream vessel. The yacht will embark on adventure trips immediately going down the east coast of the United States.
Burger Boat's 48 Cruiser is a stylish sub-50-footer made from aluminum and represents the yard's latest project. The project is a collaboration between Burger Boat, Vripack Naval Architects and USA-based Luiz DeBasto. It is an exciting little project as the owner is very involved in the process, both in the planning and design phases. “Smaller yachts, like the Burger 48 Cruiser, provide a new generation of Burger owners the opportunity to experience the joy of owning a new, custom yacht,” says Jim Ruffolo, president & CEO, Burger Boat Company. “We were excited when the owner came to us to build this new yacht. These yachts give potential new owners the chance to be a part of the Burger family. It makes owning a Burger available to many more who have always aspired to take the helm of their own custom yacht.”
Burger Boat has been busy building an explorer project for the last couple of years and finally the time arrived to splash this project, signalling the final phases of finishing work before delivery. Northland was designed by Luiz de Basto; both inside and out. The owner wanted an expedition styled yacht with long range capability, but also wanted a platform to fulfill their passion for fishing, therefore an aft cockpit fitted fishing was incorporated into the design. The yacht's 4,000 nautical mile range allows autonomy for days on end.
American builder Burger Boat Company has started construction on their 31.5-meter explorer yacht. It’s a three deck yacht with a design by Luiz de Basto fitted for long-range cruising. The yacht is a new design direction for Burger Boat. At first glance, the vessel appears to have a trawler-like signature, but the Luiz de Basto touch gives it a unique character that blends motoryacht and explorer elements into a handsome, go-anywhere cruiser.
BurgerBoat presents 214-foot superyacht concept American yacht builder Burger Boat has been showcasing a number of new designs in recent times and none more capacious than this 214-foot superyacht design. The 65.4-meter superyacht spreads over three internal decks and an expansive sun deck. Naval Architecture and design is in-house Burger Boat in collaboration with Gregory C. Marshall. The same combination is also together on the interior design. Accommodation appears to be for a maximum of twelve with the layout distinctly showing four doubles on the lower deck and a master suite forward on the main deck. This 65.4-meter Burger Boat concept boasts a rather large pool situated on the aft sun deck. There is wide open space for gym equipment on this deck along with a well-appointed open-air bar. A long hard-top ensures most of the sundeck remains covered. It is only the pool area to the aft that is left exposed to the sun. Up front, there is ample seating as well as command chairs set up across the beam to allow guests to take advantage of the stunning views from the specific location. Another great feature is the beach club to the aft of the lower deck. Truly a space to be experienced when at anchor. The transom door folds out backwards and two side terraces hinge downward to create an open beach area with breezy and cool interior and expanded living outdoors on the terraces. From this area there is of course, direct access to the sea. Yet another feature onboard is the touch-and-go helipad located on the bow giving another option for the mode of arrival or departure of owner and guests. The Burger Boat 214-footer is being set up to be powered by twin CAT 3512C marine diesels. 1,333 GT won't keep her back, these engines provide enough power to run her to 17-knots and a 15-knot cruise speed. At 12-knots continuously the range is considerable at 5,400 nautical miles making ocean-going cruising an option with 154,500 LT capacity fuel tanks. 65.4-meters is the LOA, 12.09-meter BOA and maximum draft of 2.67-meters are her principle dimensions. For more information: BurgerBoat Company 1811 Spring St. Manitowoc, WI 54220 Home Page | Burger Boat Company ***