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Bering Yachts may best be described as a worldly trawler and traveler. Alexey Mikhaylov is the American founder of Bering Yachts, whose beginnings in shipbuilding started in Russia in his twenties when he and a partner in the shipbuilding business rebuilt an abandoned 136’ crew ship. The intrigue and subsequent success of this rebuild and resale project left its mark. Alexey moved to North Carolina in the 1990s and established a successful company exporting to Russia and China. As his business grew, he began thinking of early retirement and began searching for a passagemaking trawler for world exploration. Alexey was impressed by a popular steel trawler because it was the safest material for world exploration. After extensive research and brand comparison, coupled with his reflections on the sense of accomplishment on his ship rebuild project in Russia, Alexey decided to embark on a second career – building affordable steel trawlers drawing on his shipbuilding partner in Russia and his experience from 10 years of successfully doing business in China. Bering Yachts is quietly filling an industry overlooked niche for a go anywhere, fear-knot boat ready to do battle with wind, waves or even reefs. And it’s only 55’ long!
In 2007, Bering Yachts slipped quietly onto the scene with a 55' steel hull trawler, filling a much overlooked niche for a custom, long range, steel-based trawler in a size sector dominated by production boats. From that first splash, they've been logging miles and building credibility ever since. Recently, Bering expanded their range to deliver a line of head-turning, go-anywhere displacement hull cruisers with solid CFD engineering, heavy metal construction and a systems integration plan that is direct & accessible. Enter the Bering 77' World Cruiser; a yacht built for the adventurous without Richard Branson's billfold.
Bearing in mind that Bering Yachts has become known for rough, tough, bring-it-on trawlers that look like they could take on anything the ocean throws at 'em, the new Bering 18 meter breaks all rules of the stereotypical slugboat 'look' that trawler fans find endearing. To see if style meets substance, YachtForums Editor Judy Waldman flew from Florida to Antalya, Turkey to sea trial a trawler set to make big waves in the ripple-speed community.
Bering Yacht's 60-foot Steel TrawlerA Bigger Bering! Recreation, charter and ego-inflation are some of the pertinent reasons for owners building many yachts. However, how many of them can claim to be owners of rugged and utilitarian vessels fit to go almost anywhere while still maintaining the comfort of a luxury yacht? Trawlers may not be the fastest of the lot, nor are they the largest, but what they lack in size and speed they make up in range and practical get-it-done attitude. Indeed she is a luxury yacht under 75-feet long that allows her to berth practically anywhere without any hassle. The Bering 60-foot steel trawler is actually 63.4-feet LOA with a 20-foot beam over all. Even at full-load the Bering 60-footer’s draft comes in sub 6-feet (5.8-feet). Her ocean-going prowess comes to light with a leisurely top-speed of 10.3-knots and cruising at 8-knots. The range is astounding for such a small yacht and in this case, slow-and-easy wins the race. The Bering 60 Steel Trawler has a range just over 5,000 nautical miles drawing on only 4,600 gallons of fuel or just under 17,400 LT. To keep the Bering 60 moving there’s a 405-horsepower QSM-11 diesel engine by Cummins connected to a ZF-W325 gear box spinning a five-bladed bronze propeller.
Bering Yachts 18-meter TrawlerTaking Trawlers Into The 21st Century Bering Yachts president Alexei Mikhaylov is quickly building on the popularity of his new line of steel trawlers. In a radical departure from tried and tired designs, he's displacing displacement stereotypes with a modern new trawler... the Bering 18, already in-build! Starting from scratch, with a blank digital slate, Alexei took a look at today's trawlers and continually asked the question... WHY? The result is an edgy new euro-look that is certain to appeal to a broader market. The new Bering 18 is now in production with a launch date of March, 2012. Like all Bering vessels, every aspect of this new offering has been evaluated to provide the highest level of sea keeping ability to safely cruise any coastline or ocean, while optimizing comfort of the crew. Working with an in-house naval architect, interior and exterior designers, application engineers in cooperation with Z&M Naval Design Bureau on the B18, Bering Yachts prides itself on providing “beyond semi-custom vessels” to suit individual needs and works closely with knowledgeable owners to design a vessel that best suits the intended use.
YachtForums associate writer Judy Waldman flies to France for a sea trial of a little boat making big waves in the knot-so-fast community. Bering Yachts is quietly filling an industry overlooked niche for a go anywhere, fear-knot boat ready to do battle with wind, waves or even reefs. Bering Yachts may best be described as a worldly trawler in more ways than one. MILA, Bering Yachts’ latest launch, was custom ordered by her new owner from Russia after having seen the Bering 55 Hull # 1 in North Carolina. MILA was in Antibes France since being shipped from China in time for display at the Cannes International Boat Show. MILA’s transom reads Road Harbour BVI. Alexey Mikhaylov, the American founder of Bering Yachts, was aboard in Antibes for this YachtForums review.
The following photos taken by Renat Buts showcase the launching of Bering Yachts latest vessel. The yacht is from the B77 model which suggests a 77-foot Bering yacht. Her name is "Veronika" and the 23.99-meter explorer yacht is the first of four yachts that will launch this year from the Turkish builder. In fact, in the second half of 2021 we will be the launching of a Bering 70, Bering 92 and Bering 76 from the Antalya facilities of Bering Yachts.
The first Bering 107 is well underway in construction and YF is reporting back to you with an update on how the build is going so far. In January YF alerted you to the start of construction on this vessel; At that stage the keel had been started but now the steel hull is actively piecing together as can be seen in the below photos from the yard. In fact, the hull was recently turned in its upright position which will now allow the builders to commence initial outfitting of services and welding together of the hull pieces.
The latest addition to the Bering fleet has been made, it is an iteration of an existing model that was created based on customer feedback. The B72 is the new model and it is essentially an update and evolution of the B65 model. If customers liked the B65, they would like the B72 as it is utilizing the same platform just offering more space for relaxation, comfort and storage to help the long enduring capability of the vessel even more.
The Bering B145 series is off and running with the sale of the second unit of this new model. The first unit is well under construction at this stage and is expected to be completed later this year. The second hull is also under construction and is now anticipated for a 2023 delivery. Sabdes Design is working with Bering Yachts on the sculpted modern exterior design. Both Sabdes and Bering got their start on YachtForums!
The first Bering B107 has commenced construction. The first hull was actually sold towards the end of last year and keel laying also very recently. Providing construction remains on track then completion is expected by October of 2022. The vessel is being dubbed as a long-range cruiser and will have very good range for a yacht her size. Crossing the 'pond' will be within this yacht's capability with its full-displacement steel hull.
The Bering 92 has been under construction and moving along without much fanfare but the vessel is expected to be delivered to its owner by August 2021. The yard recently shared some images that gives an idea to the progress that has been made on the build. This yacht will be one to look forward to as it presents something quite different from the usual rugged trawler look from this yard.
Bering Yachts is presently working on their largest built to date, the Bering 145. The yacht is being constructed for an experienced customer involved in the process. With Naval Architecture and design being done in house the steel hulled displacement yacht is a true Bering project. Construction is expected to last through to 2022.
A new yacht will continue its development for the Bering Yachts brand and it represents the latest sale for the yard. The 32-meter (106-foot) build will be constructed with a steel hull and possibly an aluminum superstructure. The sale came during this year's Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) and when built will be a beautiful semi-custom yacht that typically doesn't look the traditional 'Bering' way. The 32-meter also known as B106 features very modern styling both on the exterior and the interior.