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Baglietto Yachts represents 150 years of successful yacht construction, including sailboats and motoryachts. Founded in 1854 by Pietro Baglietto in Varazze, a village located near the Port of Genova, Baglietto quickly became an example within the naval community. During the late 19th century, Baglietto began building cargo boats, ferry boats and fishing boats, but the new age for Baglietto started just after the introduction of the internal-combustion engine at the end of 1800. They began construction of racing boats and pleasure boats, through which world speed records would be held for many years, proving the quality of Varazze shipyard. The high demand for military boats generated by the explosion of the two World Wars induced Baglietto to become more and more specialized in the construction of military boats. The military sector has always been an important business for Baglietto, but it’s pleasure boat lines, such as Ischia, Elba, Capri, Maiorca, Minorca are still some of the most sold models in Italy. Baglietto Yacht group is comprised of two shipyards, one located in Varazze and the other in La Spezia. Baglietto shipyards specialize in aluminum and steel construction of luxury motor yachts, military boats, coast-guard patrol boats, fast ferries, work boats, commercial vessels, tugs, passenger crafts. Both shipyards have their own design departments (with Autocad system, microstation, other technical and calculating software) and systems allowing to haul, launch and build vessels from 18m up to 150m in length and 650 tons in weight. The facilities employ permanently over 50 people, while the specialized sub-contractors involved in shipbuilding are over 400. The shipyards of Varazze and La Spezia allow a significant exchange of experience to meet market requests: Varazze’s experience in the construction of fast hulls and light alloy vessels joins the La Spezia’s in the construction of large vessels and marine equipment, hence offering a high level of technical expertise and capability. Baglietto’s production is divided as follows: Varazze’s yard concentrates on fast motor yachts up to 40m, while the La Spezia’s on fast ferries, military vessels and luxurious mega yachts over 40m. With 25.000 sq. meters (app. 20 acres) of yard space, 8,000 of which are covered and heated, refit and maintenance work at Baglietto can be carried out on any kind of vessel up to 65m, with a maximum beam of 12m. There are no height or draft restrictions. With the new 720 ton capacity travel lift up and running – one of the largest in the Mediterranean – virtually any vessel can be hoisted for repairs or refit. Vessels undergoing major maintenance or refit work are housed in expandable buildings, adjusted to suit their particular dimensions. Being climate controlled, and weatherproof, all aspects of exterior and interior work, including painting and teak decking can be undertaken in the best possible conditions.
Italian fine art and design, long celebrated for its epitome of style – think glamorous, Rome – Venice– Da Vinci– Martini – Ferrari (of course; movable art ): Baglietto’s latest launch of “yachting-art-deco”, the 141’ Baglietto 'Ancora', generates well-deserved “gasps,” “oh-mys”, and surprised “ah-haa-hs”.
Over the weekend a new yacht was launched to the water. This time it is from builder Baglietto and their latest superyacht called "Lion" is the new specimen. She was built as hull 10233 at the La Spezia yard and once completed the yacht will be delivered to a South American customer. The design is by none other than Francesco Paszkowski with an interior by the yard in collaboration with Leonardo Santi (whose job was to choose and implement the furnishings and décor for the owner.
Italian yard Baglietto has a new order for another superfast yacht or at least it appears that way. The last article YF wrote on a Superfast Baglietto yacht under construction at this yard was for a 42-meter vessel with delivery in mid-2022. Now there is news from the yard of a Superfast 41-meter that is slated for delivery in 2023. Being built from aluminum as Hull 10242, the design is by Francesco Paszkowski on both the exterior and interior. They have created aggressive yet streamlined exterior with a sportive look and finished by a "Champagne" color. Below is a render of how the 41-meter Superfast looks.
Italian yard Baglietto recently signed their latest yacht which is a member of the DOM (Domus-home) line of yachts. This time it is a DOM133 which is the 40-meter variant of the line and this makes it the second one to be sold. Just recently the yard delivered the first DOM123, slightly smaller variation called "Run Away". The second DOM133 is presently under construction which means it likely started build on spec. It didn't stay a speculation build for very long. Construction will persist until delivery in 2023.
The CCN yard has now delivered the 37-meter motor yacht named "Run Away". She was built to a design by Stefano Vafiadis and has some automotive features to the exterior which the new young owner was attracted to. The interior of the vessel has been tailored to meet the modern flair of the owner's tastes. Indeed, looking through the 395 GT interior it's evident of this modern flair in addition to the free-form nature of the furniture and tray ceilings.
The newest build to be delivered to an owner from Italian yard Baglietto is the 54.2-meter superyacht "C". The 54-meter luxury yacht has been designed by Horacio Bozzo with an interior by the Hot Lab design firm. C has been placed in the category as a roaming exploring yacht and with her CAT C32 ACERT diesel engines she can take her owner for journeys up to 4,500 nautical miles at 12-knots before refueling. Top speed should be approximately 15.5-knots. Three internal decks are available for owner and guests to enjoy along with a spacious sun deck.