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New Contract: Benetti Sail Division 147' 'Logica'

Discussion in 'Benetti Yacht' started by Yacht News, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. Yacht News

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    Mar 29, 2006
    Benetti Sail Division secures contract for 147' 'Logica' megayacht

    News is coming from Benetti Sail Division about their acquisition of a contract to build a 147-foot megayacht in their 'Logica' line. On to the design and it is easily evident the concentration given to the connection-to-the sea idea. The superstructure is fitted with large expanses of windows all around. There is sure to be an in-pouring of natural light into the interior as well as views outward from within.

    The idea of a slender and sleek yacht is not only for the design lines but also to be hydrodynamically efficient. The vessel is designed by Luca Brenta, who is the designer for the Logica Line at Benetti Sail Division. Even the furniture chosen for the exterior decks reflect the modern lines of the yacht. The squared-off pieces fit well on the decks and evoke a smart and clean modern appearance.

    According to BSD, the boat typically has a displacement hull forms. The bow has been straightened in order to lengthen the sailing length and help make the vessel's sailing more efficient. All in all, the 147 Logica fits the bill for Benetti Sail Division's ethos, custom yachts built to the specific requirements of their customers.

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