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Looking for 1st mate...

Discussion in 'Yacht Crews' started by gooddeal, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. gooddeal

    gooddeal New Member

    Oct 25, 2003
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Setting sail on a 72' Broward Motoryacht to the Abacos in December. Looking for light help with lines, food preparation and cleaning. Will pay $500 plus expenses and airline ticket back to Florida for one week. E-mail Trip.
  2. CaptHenry

    CaptHenry New Member

    Nov 13, 2003
    Vancouver BC/Canada

    Henry Mikolajzyk
    504 - 33214 2nd Ave.
    Mission, B.C., Canada V2V 1K2

    MARINE MASTER OR MATE Tugs, Ships, Yachts

    Good knowledge of the West coast B.C.,U.S. Alaska To Panama
    Highly skilled in marine industry ,organizing and Managing crew.
    Ship Master Business. Motivation; Love for the sea.
    Most of my exp. is Tugboats in NW & NE Pacific some Atlantic.
    Freighters, Fish packers, North, Baltic Sea, West Africa

    Canadian Cert's: STCW 78/95 II/2
    Master 3000 GT OR Tug; Home Trade & NC
    Master Minor Waters
    Watchkeeping Mate
    M.E.D.- B,D,C. STCW 95 Regs VI/1, VI/2 @ VI/3 (Ship Safety)
    SEN I & 2- ARPA, GMDSS. STCW 95
    Marine Advanced First Aid & CPR, Scuba Diver NAUI
    Obtained 1976, 1993 & 2003

    Emplyment History: 30 years at Sea; Tugs, Ships, Fishpackers & Yachts

    97-now seasonal:
    Capt. Shearwater Marine 145' Power Barge, running the BC coast.
    Capt. Champaign Cruises ( charter vessels)
    Capt. Tug 105' "Pacific Laurel"
    Mate Tug 1800 hp. "Island Commander,110'
    Vessel Delivery. Instructor "Boat Op. Card"

    1988-96 Relief jobs: Tug with Amix Salvage,
    Norsk Pacific; Marine towing
    Fish Packers with Can. & B.C.Packers,
    Port of North Fraser Hbr. Commission Patrol,
    B.C. Ferries, Coast Ferries (Coastal Freighter)

    1963-65 Deep Sea Fisherman (dragger) North Sea & Atlantic
    1965-68 Deep Sea cargo ships (Dutch) A.B.
    1970 C.P.R. Ferries A.B.

    1971-86 Mate/Master Coastal & Ocean Tugs,
    with Gulf of Georgia , Seaspan Int, and Norsk Pacific
    Trips to Alaska, Panama, East Coast,
    From Vancouver, British Columbia,
    Medical History:
    Marine Medical Examination OK 2003/4/18

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