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Best boat type in 40ft range for Mediterranean Sea

Discussion in 'General Yachting Discussion' started by BFOD, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. BFOD

    BFOD New Member

    Aug 12, 2017
    I am completely new to boating. The first step is completed, I have my ICC a yacht master license is for later on.

    Have been locking for used boats for about 8 months now and have been reading the book “Mid size power boats” by David H. Pascoe to understand how boats are made, different type, what to look for before the cost is made for a professional surveyor.

    My first experience was a 3 hours boat trip on a Bayliner 3055 Ciera year 2002 with wind force 4 to 5 and 3ft to 4ft sea. The ride was fun for about 30 minutes but became very uncomfortable. The second experience was a 12-meter Rodman wind force 3 to 4 and 3ft to 4ft sea. Again, the same experience but slightly better that the first one. The Rodman is clearly a different boat than the Bayliner.

    It was clear that the med sea is no lake, the selection of the boat will be more technical than simply on looks.

    I have been following the sea state during months in the south Alicante / Ibiza area using the iPAD APP “windy”. It became clear that swells less that 2ft are exceptional. During The week swells are more in the range 2ft to 4ft. As an example, the forecast for next week by “windy” is 2ft to 4ft with on Sunday 8ft and 6ft on Tuesday. Swell period is around 6 seconds.

    The idea is to buy a used boat to do trips around the med sea along the coast (Spain, France, Italy) and on occasion open sea for a maximum distance of 190 nm, Menorca to Majorca would be the longest trip in open sea. Open sea trips are not for tomorrow more experience and a yacht master license will be needed first.

    Poke around the internet and it became clear that there are different boat types for different kind of boating. Have been looking to Nordhavn, Selene, Kadey Krogen, Defever and other full-displacement types. I guess that these ships are a bit of an overkill for the trips I am planning to make. I fully understand the different of full-displacement, semi-displacement and planing hulls. There is a big step between understanding the difference and having some experience with different type of boats.

    This will be my first boat and my last, so I need help from people with experience.

    I like a boat with safe and wide sidewalks, sundeck, possible for overnighting for 1 couple and two couples on occasion but most of all a comfortable ride for the med sea with 2ft to 3ft sea.

    So, I came to the trawlers, Grand banks and Beneteau Swift type of boats. I hope that semi-displacement boat types will give a more comfortable ride. Speed, who needs speed? I learned that full-displacement boats are limited to hull speed, in knots equals 1.34 times the square root of the waterline length in feet. For 42 feet boat, this is about 8.5 kn. Having the possibility to go a bit faster than 8 kn is well appreciated. This means we are in the semi-displacement type of boats. Full-displacement is still an option if it makes an enormous difference on ride quality and or safety. In case of full-displacement a stabilizer will be needed.

    Comfort and hull quality build will guide my choice. I have been looking to Trawlers and Flybridge type in the 39 to 42 feet range. There is more choice in flybridge types than trawlers any idea on difference in ride comfort? What hull type is a typical flybridge? Is it a semi-displacement or planing hull or something between?

    Trawlers: Beneteau Swift, Grand Banks, Belliure
    Flybridge: Beneteau Antares, Astinor, Astondoa, Atlantis, Azimut, Doqueve, Princess, Rodman, Jeanneau Prestige,..
  2. AMG

    AMG YF Moderator

    Jul 26, 2004
    Hi, my experience is that your third boat could be a keeper... ;-)
  3. 30West

    30West Member

    Nov 14, 2016
    Holland, Michigan
    You need to experience different types of boats in different situations for extended periods, before you can choose a boat you will be happy with for even a few years, much less the rest of your boating days. Boating experience will change you, and change what you want and need from a boat. If you have friends with boats, pick their brains, spend time with them. Read the huge amount of information from owners on forums like cruisersforum. You aren't looking at yachts, this isn't probably the best place to get your information, but there are sub-forums here on specific brands, that will be useful.

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