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Benetti Yachts was founded by Lorenzo Benetti in 1873 and is still based in Darsena, Italy. Several more yacht building facilities have been added since then, including Viareggio, Fano and Livorno. Lorenzo started the Benetti shipyard, but in 1954 Fratelli Benetti focused the business on motor and sailing yachts. Following financial difficulties in 1985, Paolo Vitelli, owner of Azimut, took over the shipyard and it became Azimut-Benetti. There are several different lines of Benetti yachts, which are made from composite materials, alloy and steel. Benetti yachts range in size from 30 meters to 70+ meters for steel construction. The shipyard has been recognized several years running by Showboats International Magazine as the #1 shipyard and Azimut-Benetti was ranked #1 one as well by Yachts International. The Best New Semi-Production Series award was also received for the Benetti Vision series yachts.
The owners were certainly looking forward to tomorrow when they christened their latest yacht "Domani". Yep, that’s what the name means – tomorrow-. It isn’t the first Benetti yacht to bear the name and it is fitting that the name continues on a brand new yacht which is part of yard’s custom built line. The steel hulled yacht is very reminiscent of smaller yachts in the yard’s fiberglass/composite line but being the owner’s fifth and perhaps largest yacht he might have wanted a more solid approach.
Ambrosia, food of the Gods, is an apt description of this excellent yacht, though it’s the third this owner has ordered to indulge his favorite taste. Italy is noted for its enjoyment of rich flavors, so carry the idea a step further... and paint her as your consummate yacht.
This plush and aesthetically pleasing mansion-on-the-Med surveys the most dramatic vistas of the Sea itself – majestic hills, scenic ports and climactic skyline – while adding its own inimitable design aura of Italian excellence. Generated by Benetti’s Naval Architects, in league with her owner, Galaxy presents a first look at innovations which will lead the industry to new approaches.
Benetti's 45-meter "Domani" A first look at the perfection of her sleek, yet soft, curves – her silhouette emphasizes the character and perfect form of a fine megayacht. Perhaps it’s also a clue to her name – Domani – Italian for “tomorrow”, reminiscent of an old Italian song, which urges us to relax and live well…
The third unit in the new 50-meter Benetti '800' series is currently under construction being built on spec without an owner. The project name is 'Blake' and is following a similar process as the second hull which too was started without an owner but later sold. The third unit is being built with aluminium and fiberglass. The 800 series hull is actually made with fiberglass and a lightweight aluminium superstructure.
A 63-meter steel hull recently arrived at Benetti's Livorno facilities for completion. This is the hull belonging to build number FB276 otherwise known as Project 'Balance'. The yacht has a design by Giorgio M Cassetta who gave the craft a long and straight bow similar to that of previous Benetti build "11.11". The extra length in the bow provides tender storage with a larger shell door on the starboard side for a limo tender and PWCs and a smaller hatch on the port side for a general purpose crew tender.
Italian yard Benetti Yachts has announced a new line of superyachts at the start of the 2016 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). The new line is a collaboration between Stefano Natucci and Redman Whiteley Dixon. The range will comprise yachts from 50-meters through to 73-meters. A 50-meter, a 58.6-meter, 65-meter and 73-meter make up the new range of superyachts for the Italian builder. Steel and aluminium construction is expected when building commences.
Italian luxury yacht manufacturer Benetti Yachts has successfully delivered their largest superyacht to-date. The 90-meter (298-foot) "Lionheart" has been handed over to their Benetti repeat-client owner and the yacht has been already spotted in Malta since leaving Benetti's Italian facilities. Many will know that this is the third yacht with the same name from Benetti for this particular owner. The latest Lionheart was built shrouded in relative secrecy.
Italian manufacturer Benetti Yachts said they are displaying three luxury yachts at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) coming up in September. The three motoryachts are all brand new yachts too ranging from the largest at 63-meter custom down to a unit of the Veloce 14o series. Looking at the yachts closer, the 63-meter custom superyacht "11/11", 60-meter "Formosa" and the 42-meter "H" will be on display at this prestigious yachting event. H is having her European debut at the show while both 11/11 and Formosa are making their world debuts.