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News: Silent Yachts Sells Two New Silent 80s

Discussion in 'Latest Catamaran Launches' started by Yacht News, Apr 9, 2020.

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  1. New Silent 80s Sold by Silent Yachts

    Silent moves are being made by Silent Yachts with two new Silent 80s being recently sold. The two yachts are of course electric powered using solar technology. The designs are from the drawing boards of Marco Casali Too Designs with interiors by the same firm. The Naval Architecture is by MICAD and take on the familiar form factor using catamaran hulls.
  2. The majority of the upper surfaces of the superstructure are fitted with photovoltaic panels. Silent Yachts suggest that 70 panels are located on these upper surfaces. The energy that can be garnered from this system on a good day is around 25KW of energy which can then be safely used by the batters and hotel-load onboard with a 20-kVA inverter system. Onboard you will find accommodation for guests in four or up to six cabins depending on the preference of the owner. Two electric motors power the Silent 80 to cruise leisurely at 6 to 8-knots while they can sprint at close to 16-knots if necessary. Production still continues at Silent Yachts even though at a reduced capacity.

    For more information:

    Silent Yachts Handels GmbH
    Irnigstra├če 7
    9020 Klagenfurt
    Austria, European Union

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.