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News: Oceanco Launches 105M Superyacht 1050H

Discussion in 'Oceanco Yacht' started by Yacht News, Jan 10, 2023.

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  1. 105-meter Superyacht '1050H' Launches At Oceanco
    Today, Dutch superyacht builder Oceanco launched their latest superyacht. Creating a spectacle with an accompaniment of modern lighting, it was a fitting way to showcase their newest creation, or more descriptively... re-creation! That re-creation is so far named '1050H'. "It displays a modern exterior aesthetic and a completely new superstructure, alongside a fresh interior by Reymond Langton Design", said Oceanco's CEO Marcel Onkenhout. Of course 1050H is just the code name but the final name will be revealed as "H".
  2. Not only does the vessel present modern craftsmanship on the exterior - which was also crafted by Reymond Langton- it is also built to the highest technological standard. Additionally she is fully compliant with rigorous IMO Tier III standards which helps make her a bit more 'green' in her future operations. The vessel stretches 105-meters overall with a healthy beam measuring 14.6-meters. Bringing the vessel in-line with today's stricter environmental and emissions standards was essential. At a time when the yachting industry is increasingly mindful of the impact that newly built vessels have on the planet, it is pertinent to highlight that bringing an existing superyacht’s environmental profile up to date with contemporary standards can have as much, if not more, of a positive impact.
  3. Being that this was a re-creation - an entirely new superstructure on an existing hull - it reduced the build time considerably. With delivery windows for new construction projects booked up into the latter part of the decade, the scope of 1050H's transformation means that she emerges from her launch as an almost completely new yacht. Except in this case, she benefited from a year's reduced timetable for completion thanks to the decrease in time spent on engineering and hull construction, all while maintaining her Oceanco pedigree.
  4. The name 1050H appears to be a nod at the length of the vessel (105.0M) and the vessel's last name "H" which many would have known previously under names like "Al Mirqab" and "Indian Empress" was originally built back in 2000 by Oceanco. There are perhaps very little aspects to this new yacht showing her previous incarnation. Even though the original hull was reused, Oceanco still made notable changes. The foredeck where the mooring equipment is located used to be an open-air forecastle. Now it is enclosed with modern mooring platforms that jettison out to allow the crew to attend to anchoring and docking duties. The aft hull as well as bulwarks have been re-sculpted as well.
  5. The color scheme was re-created as well, giving nod to the previous H with its black and white paint finishes. The new 1050H has a similar white hull and superstructure with the superstructure walls being black. The pronounced 'wings' that existed near the base on the mast are now removed helping to reduce the yachts' overall beam to 14.6-meters. Before it stretched to around 15.1-meters. The mast also did not escape reworking, in fact it is totally re-sculpted fitting the modern aesthetic.
  6. Originally, in 1050H's previous existence the design was by the A Group. With the vessel returning to Oceanco for this extensive refit and transformation the A Group served as the independent Owner's Representative. The A Group’s Richard Hein, who acted as the independent owner’s representative for the project, adds: "This almost unimaginable transformation has been able to take place thanks to the shared trust, perseverance and expertise of the team involved. A yacht is more than just the materialization of an owner’s vision. It has its own character, its own specific habitat, with a unique purpose and story. Through the achievements of this project we have been able to extend the story of a remarkable superyacht for decades to come. It is about seeing the potential for all vessels, rather than starting from a blank sheet of paper each time."

    For more information:

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