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News: Grand Banks East Bay EB60

Discussion in 'Grand Banks Yacht' started by Yacht News, Feb 13, 2023.

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  1. East Bay EB60 Flagship
    Alot of attention was given to the Grand Banks flagship; the GB85 which was christened as "Betty". She is the largest boat GB has ever built and is the mascot of the GB line, but what about the flagship of the East Bay line? if you're a Grand Banks fan you already know of the popular EB44 which has been the model built before. Well, now the East Bay line has gone big with the EB60.
  2. The traditional looks and lines of the EB60 hides her true talents which reveal themselves as spritely performance while being efficient. Under the hood you will find a pair of Volvo Penta IPS1200s which are actually around 900 horse power each. These motors can drive the East Bay 60 to a top end of 30-knots. However, dial her back to 21-knots and the range of this vessel extends to nearly 900 nautical miles, roughly consuming 38 gallons per hour. Of course if you need more range you can run at 10-knots for very impressive economy on a 60-foot vessel. The length of the vessel is 68.1-feet with a beam of 19-feet and a draft of 3.9-feet with IPS 1350s. Displacement is 59,500 lbs.
  3. In 1993, Eastbay launched the motor yacht that defined and popularized the category of the 'Downeaster'. The EB60 is now the carrier of that legacy and competing with brands like Hinckley in that category. The EB60 is a coastal and blue water cruiser that provides all the amenities required for a water borne lifestyle. You can choose between an up or down galley, three or four staterooms and a wide range of fixtures and fittings. This allows for some flexibility and customization for the owner. The two or three cabin layout is perhaps most comfortable and in the galley-up arrangement, the galley is situated in the back-half of the salon area while the galley-down is located on a lower deck, off to the port side.

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Thread Status:
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