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News: CL Yachts Teases With CLX96

Discussion in 'CL Yachts' started by Yacht News, Mar 12, 2020.

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  1. CLX96 The Latest From CL Yachts
    The latest from CL Yachts is the CLX96 and so far the yard has only teased what it is going to look like without providing any major renderings. The name behind the design for this new yacht is Jozeph Forakis. The following render is the only image released at this time but it showcases an outline of the vessel's possible profile shape.
  2. More information is supposed to emerge as planned by the yard; the announcement at the 2020 Palm Beach International Boat Show scheduled for later this month. However, due to COVID-19 we will have to see what subsequent announcements will be made. Forakis said, "CLX96’s distinctive profile, which is instantly iconic, is born from observations of living habits at sea and reconsidering the preconceptions of space, comfort, and conviviality. I wanted the feeling of being on the ocean to follow you everywhere, inside and outside. I was born in a New York City loft, and I wanted to capture that sense of the limitless possibility of living in open spaces. I think it is analogous to the inspiration we feel from the expansive horizon of the sea and the endless quest of human potential. Of course, comfort is a priority on a luxury yacht, but I also want those onboard to always be aware that they are on a "vessel" built to transport them through space and time, rather than being in a fixed place, like a villa on land. The sense of fluid motion into the future is ever-present, with seamlessly flowing, curved surfaces, and a mix of traditional and premium, innovative materials." Compare the CLX96 outline with the design of the CLB72 pictured below and you can see the vast difference in design logic.

    For more information:

    CL Yachts
    Lauderdale Marine Center
    2019 SW 20th Street, Suite 208
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

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