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News: Archipelago Yachts Introduce Archipelago 63

Discussion in 'Latest Catamaran Launches' started by Yacht News, Nov 11, 2023.

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  1. Archipelago 63 Zero-Carbon Powered-Cat
    Archipelago Yachts has introduced the Archipelago 63 zero-carbon emissions powered-cat. They propose to run this vessel from methanol, which would effectively make it the first vessel of its type to use that kind of fuel source. The Archipelago 63 is the first zero-emission long-range leisure vessel on the market. Powered by bio-methanol the Archipelago 63 is capable of travelling across oceans with a zero-carbon footprint.
  2. Alternatively, Archipelago Yachts is offering the 63 in a hybrid diesel-electric setup to give customers options and flexibility in choosing a propulsion package. The Archipelago 63 offers something completely unique in the leisure market. A totally zero-carbon footprint long-range leisure vessel. Whilst the industry has made progress in electric propulsion, battery technology isn't good enough for long-distance exploration, or in adverse weather conditions. The Archipelago 63 offers an alternative, using methanol-fueling. Methanol is one of the "fuels of the future" for marine use and offers a safe, low-emission, alternative to diesel.
  3. The 63 is powered by twin direct-injection methanol engines, combined with a methanol-to-hydrogen fuel cell to power house loads. For this small vessel the yard is suggesting a top speed of 20-knots with an astounding 5,500 plus nautical mile range. Onboard the vessel is proposed to sleep up to eight guests. The 63 isn't the only vessel they offer. In fact they have a line of vessels from the Archipelago 40 through to the 80.

    For more information:

    Archipelago Yachts
    Thetis Rd, Cowes PO31 7DJ,
    United Kingdom

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.