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Bristol 1967 Hatteras 34 Sedan for sale

Discussion in 'Hatteras Yacht' started by craigsduc, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. craigsduc

    craigsduc New Member

    Feb 24, 2010
    Thousand Oaks
    I recently was shown an incredible 1967 Hatteras 34 in Stuart that was as if it was kept in a time machine since almost new. It is a gas boat with big block Crusaders so I believe the engines were obviously changed at some point. I think Chryslers were the petrol choice in 67.....not sure though but I,m sure someone out there knows. The refrigerator was original ( and was working incredibly ) as was everything else I saw on the boat other than a modern Garmin GPS/Radar unit. It had been painted yellow from the rub rails south with a white upper. An aluminum radar arch was added and looked did everything else on the boat. The salesman from Stuart represented the boat exactly as it was in reality and I truly was considering the boat to buy. The issue is I feel these boats are truly almost impossible to sell...especially for good money because of their age and especially if they in fact have gas propulsion. Its sad as it was truly like looking at a 57 Chevrolet Corvette restored...but on the water! Bristol is a very tough word to throw at a used boat...especially a salt water boat 46 years old. I really should say it was a 9 out of 10 .....10 being new.....and a 9 being the max a 46 year old boat can was that nice. They are asking $49K. The Crusaders looked new as well and had 900 hours on the clocks. no bow rail installed...but it was included. Condition unknown though.

    I seriously am only mentioning this because I was amazed at its condition and how it affected my wife and 9 year old daughter. I was considering it to seriously buy and just enjoy...knowing it will be almost impossible to sell some day for anything north of a give it gets even older. If anyone out there has an opinion as to what we should think regarding actually spending hard earned money on something like this, please let me know as we are currently going through the steps on a 2005 Pursuit 3370. A completely different boat I know....but one we felt would be a no brainer to sell in a couple of years when we attempt to buy a 40ft plus SF....... If the Hat had diesels and was a tad bigger, I would be much more interested as a pristine older SF with beautifully maintained diesels is on our bucket list of things we want to own someday. I know they are becoming tougher to sell as they get older...but there is something to me about a vintage older high quality SF....
  2. mark 10

    mark 10 New Member

    Apr 28, 2013
    staten island,ny
    Id put in an offer ,keep boat a few years till something comes along then sell it get what i can and move on , how bad can you get hurt 25 k ? enjoy it maybe you want to keep forever