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AMG 08-28-2004 12:06 PM

Lars Modin Design
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Lars Modin Design
Roddaregatan 2A
SE-185 34 Vaxholm, Sweden
+46 (0)8 541 33 44 5

As some of the members have already seen, my computer is filled with yacht designs I have made in the past. Today I am designing smaller production boats, but will hopefully do some bigger yachts as well.

From time to time I would like to present some of my designs here and you are all welcome with comments or questions both here in the thread or through the message box. :)


AMG 08-28-2004 04:08 PM

A tribute to Jon Bannenberg
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The whole yacht design business have one man to thank above all, Jon Bannenberg, who became a legend long before he sadly passed away in 2002.
My interest in yacht design came first time I saw the Oceanfast yacht Parts VI entering St Tropez. She was completely different from all yachts I have seen, and today I have made a smaller yacht design which retains much of her charisma.
It is eighteen years between them, but I have to say that Bannenbergs bold lines from the eighties still has a given place in modern yacht design. At least for me.

AMG 08-31-2004 04:28 PM

Sting Ray
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Today I´ll give you a sailing yacht! It is 90 feet/27.5 m and has a hull where I have combined a low drag at light winds with high beam stability at strong winds. The sharp V-shape seen from above will, at least in theory, help to give planing effects at higher speeds without adding too much wet surface. Boats with wide planing hulls like the W60:s normally has to carry more sails and usually a more experienced and active crew. My hull shape should be more easy to sail, less risk for broaches and still with some speed thrills.
Interior is with a raised wheelhouse open to the salon. Master cabin forward, two guest cabins midships and crew area for four in the stern.
Main engine and generators are in two rooms for safety and she could have a lift keel for shallow waters.
It has matured seven years in my computer, any feedback from you out there, bad or good is both welcome and appreciated!

AMG 09-03-2004 04:11 PM

36 M Stealth Yacht
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This design is one of my older, made in 1994, but still pretty modern if not avantgarde.
It is a 36 m (118 feet) high speed, high tech yacht. Should cruise in comfort at 35 knots and top out at 50 with diesel engines and waterjets.
Accommodation is for six with a crew of up to four.
The round table in the large wheelhouse is both for dining and observation under way. It is built on a revolving platform, that slowly changes the scenery so you can enjoy the 340 degree view. Yes the flybridge is really "flying" so you have a free view aft as well.
The glass parts of the superstructure is with solar panels and LCD rasters to keep sunrays and paparazzi out of vision.
If you don´t want to order just another Wally 118, this one might be an option? ;)

AMG 09-07-2004 05:45 PM

Nordique 43 Fly
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A traditional boat in many ways, in a size most people can handle themselves, designed only three years ago. She has just two cabins, offering real bathrooms with separate showers. A large utility room with space for a watermaker, air condition or just for storage. The salon has a galley to port so it is easy to pass, and the whole boat is made with as few compromises as possible.
She can cruise in any speed up to 24 knots depending on what range you need.
Together with three other boats in the same line, 33, 41 and 50 feet, she is looking for a producer... :)

AMG 09-10-2004 06:40 AM

300´ Explorer Yacht
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I have a few designs of Expedition style motoryachts, of which this one is the largest.
90 m/300 feet with eight decks...

AMG 09-12-2004 01:47 PM

BLUES - 25.5m/84 feet LRC
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This yacht is one of my darlings. She is not the first little long range cruiser, but built with superyacht quality, she will surely be one of the nicest.

With master stateroom aft, two twin or queensize bedded guest cabins forward of the engineroom and a crew or additional guest cabin for two further forward. Main deck interior with an open salon, galley and a large wheelhouse together with a nice dining area on the aft deck, provides several spots for gathering or getting your private corner.

Top deck with another sitting/sunbathing area, bbq and informal cooking for alfresco meals. Space for a RIB and a PWC aft and a flybridge steering position forward.

This size of yacht is the true explorer, since you can enter tiny fishing ports and anchor in small bays where the big yachts never gets in.
Still you have trans-atlantic range, stabilizers, watermaker and all the comfort of a much larger vessel.

And above all, you can easely run her yourself if you wish... :)

AMG 09-13-2004 03:36 AM

ANTIQVA - 55 m/180 feet LRC
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Another classic styling, this time big enough to go anywhere. With trans-pacific range and storage for months at sea. Helicopter deck and tenders below on main deck, why not a Riva Aquarama...

Interior could be classic or contemporary, or a tasteful mix of the both. A yacht like this could well compare to your home and have the same personal touch onboard.

Start dreaming!

AMG 09-14-2004 01:05 PM

Tender to Megayachts?
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How about an electric convertible? Cars got it decades ago, but in the boating world few are built with tops that can open and close with just one hand, or better electric. To be able to get in and out, it is not a typical cars system you can use. But as here, divided in two sections you can have all the practicability and safety needed on a boat.

And in an emergency, you can always get out through the foredeck hatch.

So, who will be the first to build a boat as elegant as a car convertible?

AMG 09-14-2004 04:22 PM

Ketch 55 m / 180 feet
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The system with captive winches has made it possible to build big sailing boats and motor sailers that can be sailed with a small crew. When I made this design I thought she was very big. Today we have seen Mirabella V breaking all records and several 180 footers are already sailing.

Nevertheless, it might be interesting to have a look inside one of the yachts I am still anxious to see being realized :)

AMG 09-16-2004 02:55 PM

100 feet/30 m Day Racer & Venetian
1 Attachment(s)
Going from Miami to Bimini for lunch? Or between St Tropez and Portofino a sunny afternoon? This is the boat for you.
The open version has an aft cockpit for the crew, allowing the guests to enjoy the speed thrills in the forward section.
The Venetian version has the main cockpit in front of the air conditioned salon. Both models have three staterooms for six guests and crew accommodation for three.
The propulsion could be waterjets or surface props allowing top speeds of up to 60+ knots and cruising up to 50 knots.
These two 100-footers will turn heads! :cool:

YachtLover 09-17-2004 01:01 AM

WOW! You actually designed these yachts? And can anyone just buy one from you....?? And have you ever sold one? Very interesting designs you got there

AMG 09-17-2004 02:41 AM

Thank you Yachtlover!
Yes I have made the concept and design of all these yachts, actually more than a hundred, with General Accommodation plans for half of them.

Most are made when I lived in Monaco and also on a yacht I captained for a couple of years. So, surrounded by yachts it was inspiring and I have sold some designs, made redesigns of yachts under construction or refit and got some experience as a project manager.

After returning to Sweden I have produced smaller commuters in GRP, but since I have so many yacht designs lurking in my computers I think YachtForums is an excellent place to expose them and, yes, they are all for sale!
As you see them, or as turn key yachts.

YachtLover 09-17-2004 07:04 PM

Wow..that's great..I like the Modin 100..very nice looking

AMG 09-19-2004 09:42 AM

25 foot Coupé
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For all of us that can not afford a Superyacht, I have a number of smaller boats in my portfolio as well. They are intended for GRP production and this 25-footer is one of the smallest, still with the comfort of a much larger boat.

The concept is an all-weather weekender for two or commuter for up to six people. The electric lamell roof and the sliding glass door opens up the salon when weather permits, but especially here in Scandinavia it is not an everyday experience...

High quality producers are welcome!

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