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Feature: Ellsworth 156' "Pacific Provider"

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Feature: Ellsworth 156' "Pacific Provider"

Ellsworth Escort Ship - 156' "Pacific Provider"
"A Floating Yacht Club"

SAN DIEGO, CA – Ellsworth Marine Inc. will launch the first-ever floating yacht club for Members Only early next summer. Ellsworth Marine has purchased the 156 foot motor vessel "Shelikof" as the first step in the company’s plan to launch this unprecedented venture combining the luxury amenities of a yacht club, the exclusivity of a private yacht, combined with the extensive capabilities of a mothership.

Following a six-month conversion process, the F/V Shelikof will serve as the clubhouse for the “Eastern Pacific Yacht Club (EPYC),” an exclusive membership club offering both boaters and non-boat owners a luxury social platform, water sports, sportfishing and provisioning at sea in the hottest fishing and cruising locations on the Western U.S. and Mexican coastlines. The ship, to be re-christened the M/V "Pacific Provider", will feature six luxury suites, two 35’ game boats, 60,000 gallons of fuel, dining room, bar, lounge, theater, gymnasium, jet skis, kayaks, sailboats and a variety of other amenities. In the event you prefer to arrive by air, the Pacific Provider also offers a commercially certified helicopter deck.
“Our aim is to provide a new dimension to boating,” said Tom Ellsworth, EPYC founder and owner of Ellsworth Marine, one of the world’s top Riviera dealers. “The Club and its amenities will provide unparalleled access to waters off the Western U.S., Mexico and Central America. What’s more, we have structured the Club as a not-for-profit to benefit Scripps Institute of Oceanography, allowing us to give back to the environment that provides so much of our enjoyment.”

In addition to following the annual migration of game fish, the Club will feature special excursions in conjunction with visiting Scripps oceanographers, marine biologists and researchers, including the observation of pacific whales in their breeding grounds of Magdalena Bay, turtle hatcheries in the Sea of Cortez and diving with the hammerhead sharks of Espirito Santo. “The EPYC will bring a host of scientists and fisheries researchers aboard the Pacific Provider throughout the year, allowing our members to participate and be a part of the basic research underway to fully understand the ocean environment,” said Ellsworth. “We hope that by bringing together these two groups who have historically misunderstood one another, we can facilitate the development of a shared vision.”
Ellsworth Marine has contracted with Yacht Escort Ships (YES), for the construction of the M/V Pacific Provider. Under the management and direction of YES owner Captain Stan Antrim, the M/V Pacific Provider will be renovated to ABS class with all systems and engineering brought up date during the major refit. “Stan and his team basically invented the concept of the yacht escort ship or “shadow boat” conversion having re-fit numerous OSV’s from 130’ to over 200’,” said Ellsworth. “He understands what it takes to produce this kind of product, and we couldn’t be more pleased with his level of professionalism and enthusiastic approach.”

A former Navy Seal, Antrim holds a degree in Naval Engineering from the U.S Naval Academy. When making the transition to the private sector, Stan has managed, operated and built some of the world’s largest yachts, his first new-build project being Oceanco’s 210 foot “Lady Lola,” which was awarded Showboat’s 2002 Yacht of the Year. Work on the conversion of the F/V Shelikof is slated to start in January with the completion in early Summer of 2007.
EPYC will offer memberships to boat owners as well as those who would rather utilize the club’s game boats, foregoing private boat ownership. Membership will include 28 advanced reservation nights aboard the ship in any of the luxury suites, as well as unlimited access to the ship’s overflow lodging and non-advanced reservation use. A full tackle center with gear from fly tackle to 130 unlimited tackle will be complemented by a large assortment of water toys, gym, hot tub, sun deck, al fresco dining, Marlin Bar, dive gear, 2 x 5,000 gallon bait tanks and other provisions.

While the first ship will cruise between Southern California and Ixtapa, Mexico, within five years the EPYC plans to expand its fleet to three ships, providing access as far north as Alaska and as far south as South America with less distance between each floating club house. All existing members will have the same access to each additional ship to enjoy for no additional cost aside from their annual dues.
“Boating off this coast has not changed much in decades,” said Ellsworth. “While the boats have gotten bigger and have better equipment, access is still limited for most boaters. We’re confident that nothing will come close to the combination of either a members own boat or the ship’s game boats, coupled with the amenities of the Eastern Pacific Yacht Club.” Each ship in the EPYC fleet will be limited to 50 memberships. Membership is subject to provisions set forth by the EPYC.

For more information or to secure a membership package, call 1-866-841-0931

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