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New Launch: Wally 130

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New Launch: Wally 130

Wally launches new 130-foot in Fano

Fano, Italy – The new Wally 130 was successfully launched in the port of Fano, during a private ceremony organized by WallyEurope building team and the yacht crew.

The breakthrough high performance megayacht is characterized by the water ballast combined with the trim tab lifting keel. This movable ballast combination has been selected by Wally Research & Development department to optimize safety and performance in such a large yacht: the 11-ton (24,251 lbs) water ballast improves the stability of the light displacement boat (only 84 tons - 185,200 lbs) while the 6-meter deep keel with trim tab improves the lift. The draft can be reduced to 4 meters to allow the access to ports and bays.

The deck is similar to that of "Esense", characterized by the bulwark leaving the hull lines pure while offering more privacy and protection.
The layout recalls a city loft building: it is a continuous uncluttered area. The stern features the so-called Terrace on the sea.

The 40-meter (130-foot) sloop will be towed to Ancona, to have the keel installed and proceed with the stepping of the mast scheduled at the beginning of May.

For more information:

8 Av. des Ligures,
MC98000 Principality of Monaco.
Tel. +377 93100093


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