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Feature: McKinna Yacht Wallpapers

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Feature: McKinna Yacht Wallpapers

McKinna Yachts

The design of the new McKinna yachts has been an evolutionary process based on the experience of building 100 McKinna yachts to date. It combines the talents of two renowned naval architects, Howard Apollonio and Juan Carlos Espinosa – and features the expertise of seasoned McKinna professionals.

Apollonio’s firm offers leading-edge yacht and commercial craft design, engineering, styling and space planning for a wide range of diverse and advanced craft, including modern and traditional monohulls, catamarans, trimarans, SWATHs, and hydrofoils. His 35-year professional career has included twelve years with propulsion and builders of advanced commercial and military craft. He has spent 23 years running his own firm, which has primarily focused on the design and engineering of motoryachts of all types.

Apollonio vessels operate as a professional engineering entity, able to meet the most stringent requirements for safety and seaworthiness, as well as structural and mechanical integrity. At the same time, Apollonio insists on producing vessels that are very good looking, well proportioned, and of long-lasting style. They all incorporate important human engineering factors that make each boat a pleasure to be on, easy to move about, and featuring light and visibility. His designs for McKinna Yachts represent the epitome of form and function.


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