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AfriCat Yachts

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AfriCat Yachts

AfriCat Yachts

The Africat Marine shipyard is situated in New Germany, just outside of Durban in South Africa. Their 2200 square meter, yacht building facility is geared exclusively for multihull power boat manufacturing. The Africat production line can simultaneously support 6 power catamarans at various stages of completion. Africat has invested in extensive infrastructure like a 15-ton gantry crane, which runs the full length of the factory, a vacuum station and compression lines throughout to ensure the highest quality product in the shortest possible time. A staff of 35 are trained in various boat-building and engineering disciplines, and coordinated by a professional project management methodology underpinned by Microsoft Project.

Africatís first yacht offering is the 420 power catamaran, boasting speed and excellent accommodations, in addition to the inherent stability and economy that are associated with catamaran yachts. With a cruising speed of 20 knots, the Africat 420 is not only fast, but lean and fuel-efficient too. A new, larger addition to the Africat line is currently under development.


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