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Recent Launch: Benetti 50M "Alibella"

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Recent Launch: Benetti 50M "Alibella"

Benetti 50M "Alibella"

Back on the 3rd of May, Benetti Yachts launched the 50M charter yacht, Alibella. Since then she was delivered to her owners. The strong personality of Alibella, FB238, conceived through the encountering of the East and the West, is perceivable as soon as it is boarded. A neoclassic style, between tradition and innovation, with some occasional concession towards the Oriental taste.

The surroundings are sought after but never excessively so, always coherent, characterized by the ivory and gold warm and relaxing tones. The ambiance is one of peace and relaxation, a deep equilibrium between stylistic choices: from the carpeting to the curtaining up to the lacquered panels of the walls and of the ceilings. The brier furniture and the gold leafed details give a harmonious touch to the surroundings brightening them up without spoiling their artlessness.

Colour dominates the bathrooms for which Emperador, Portoro, Botticino marbles and Travertine have been chosen. The ship owner’s area is on the main deck which includes the owners’ night quarter, a study, the main lounge, dining and the kitchen areas. On the upper deck there is a big study that could be easily transformed into a second lounge reserved to the ship owner.

The guests’ night area is at the lower deck: two double beds cabins, and two double cabins that could accommodate up to eight guests. On the Sun deck there is a well-organized space for relaxation and sunbathing including a helicopter’s landing platform.

For more information

Benetti Yachts,
Livorno, Italy.


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