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Review: Benetti's "Domani"

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Review: Benetti's "Domani"

Benetti's 45-meter "Domani"

A first look at the perfection of her sleek, yet soft, curves – her silhouette emphasizes the character and perfect form of a fine megayacht. Perhaps it’s also a clue to her name – Domani – Italian for “tomorrow”, reminiscent of an old Italian song, which urges us to relax and live well…

“Just forget about domani (tomorrow), for tomorrow never comes”
Ah, yes. But this Domani has arrived at last, sweeping in with unforgettable beauty. Her lines are a tribute to the design talents of Francois Zuretti, the third in his Vision 45 metre (147.5’) series. A vision indeed, she luxuriates in immaculate splendor, aglow with blushing cherry wood furnishings in the main salon, as well as teak and walnut; plus elegant fabrics in beige, ecru, and chocolate-spiced tones, like a sweet dessert just waiting to be enjoyed.
A wide-spread operation, Benetti also boasts more than 2,000 employees at all levels, including 230 direct workers and 2,000 subcontractors. Its phenomenal production figures continue to grow, as at present its market envelops 45 countries. Under construction now are 27 individual megayachts for delivery worldwide. The company’s frenetic growth has averaged 26% over the past six years. And the good times continue with its latest venture.
Benetti and Fincantieri, two global leaders in their respective fields, have become partners in a strategic alliance to build and market megayachts. Based on a mutual enrichment of expertise and investment into research and service, the new company expects to produce megayachts over 230’; then develop and construct new lines and innovative designs for new markets. This ambitious agreement aims to increase its leadership position by the merging of a strong technical background and an unequalled building capacity for megayacht clientele.
As the leader in European boat building since its founding in 1970, Azimut-Benetti claims a record of 10,000 pleasure vessels built between 29’ and 230’. The Benetti Division, with seven yards, builds fiberglass yachts between 98’ and 147’ in its Fano yard, which are then fitted out in its Viareggio facility – one of its three production centers. Steel megayachts from 164’ to 230’ are constructed and fitted out in Livorno, Italy.
Domani’s mid deck offers yet another plein-air venue for dining and entertainment. A sturdy wood table and chairs face the receding view as she navigates out of the harbor. Built-in couches along the coaming also provide cushioned comfort.
Four stories above the sea, forward on the top deck, this lovely circular gathering place provides the sun and moonshine perfection megayacht cruisers long for. Weather-proof couches and cocktail tables offer the best in sea-going pleasure.
And what could be more convenient and outre’ than a swimming pool/spa on the top deck? Shaded or full sun, this Jacuzzi/pool is the prime ticket for relaxation. Oh my, those Italian designers think of everything.
Not to be outdone by other decks, the very top deck also sports its own outdoor dining table. Designed with smooth wood finish and gay striped chair covers, it lounges under the broad electronic arch, centered on the yacht.
Dining al fresco is ever a party occasion on Domani. Her spectacular aft deck, resplendent in molded white fiberglass and teak decking, offers a sturdy outdoor table for seven, with sun or shade preference; or bathed in the night moon and stars. Access is to the upper deck is aport, via the molded-in staircase and teak steps.
An aerial view presents an undeniably artistic view of the circular stairway on the mid deck. Stainless steel handrails glisten in the sun as the safety-ridged steps coil down like the innards of a conch shell.
High up on the bridge, a fully adjustable helm chair faces a panoply of screens. Each displays a particular facet of the megayacht’s instrumentation, navigation and safety systems. All functions and alarm systems are instantly monitored, computed, and put into action from the Captain’s fingertips.
A closer look at the instrument panel...
As seen from the Captain's perspective...
Bridge Systems Information Panel is immediately aft of the helm, with a large leather couch and table to provide the guests an intimate look into the action as it occurs. On either side are desks, chart sequence computers, and planning arrangements.

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