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New Launch: Benetti Classic 121 "FF1" megayacht

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New Launch: Benetti Classic 121 "FF1" megayacht

"FF1" launches at Benetti Yachts

The intense schedule of autumn launches and deliveries continues unabated at the Benetti shipyard. Just ten days after the ceremony to launch and deliver the new 61-metre Benetti Custom – FB253 "Diamonds Are Forever" – which took place at the Livorno facility on Tuesday, December 6, it’s now the turn for the technical launch of the new Benetti Classic 121’ "FF1", a 37-metre semi-custom yacht made of composite materials, at the boatyard’s historic location in Viareggio, where today six models in the Benetti Class line are built: Delfino 93’, Tradition 105’, Classic 121’, Classic Supreme 132’, Crystal 140’ and Vision 145’.

In the presence of the owner, the architect, and the boatyard’s technical staff, the yacht was launched for the first time and transported to the mooring facility for completion of on-board work, sea trials, and technical inspections, all of which are necessary prior to final delivery to its owner.

Classic 121’ constitutes the iconic Benetti brand par excellence for semi-custom models, and more than ten years ago, it heralded the start of the success for the entire production line. And it’s also in line with the traditional exterior design, created by Stefano Righini in the model with the extended upper deck, a version already successfully tested during the season that just ended.

For more information:

Azimut | Benetti S.p.A.
Via Michele Coppino, 104
55049 Viareggio
Benetti Web Site


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