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New Launch: Abeking & Rasmussen "Silver Cloud"

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New Launch: Abeking & Rasmussen "Silver Cloud"

Abeking & Rasmussen launches 134' SWATH "Silver Cloud"

On June 30th, 2008 Abeking & Rasmussen launched the SWATH luxury yacht called "Silver Cloud". Silver Cloud replaces a Feadship monohull of the same name. Abeking & Rassmussen have experience working with SWATH designed vessels and this is evident in the PILOT STATION, "Cetus". Now they have transfered their knowledge into the construction of Silver Cloud.

"SWATH stands for ‘Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull’, an innovative concept for smooth service in rough seas. The buoyancy of a SWATH ship is provided by two submarine hulls connected to the upper platform by twin narrow struts from each of the submarine hulls.

The cross-sectional area at the sea surface is approximately 1/6th that of a comparable size yacht and thus only a minimum part of the ship is exposed to the lifting forces of the waves while 5/6 of the buoyancy is on the submarine hulls. Additional stability is provided by the SWATH’s broad beam which is twice that of a comparable yacht. The idea of SWATH was taken from the principle of semi-submersible offshore rigs, which are designed to provide a working platform with minimized motions in open seas."

Silver Cloud features a large heli-pad on the aft Upper-Deck. Behind the wheelhouse on the Bridge-Deck, there is a sizable jacuzzi. Across her beam, hidden in the stern is a tender garage for her 23-foot long Novurania. A garage door will pop down to allow cranes to lower or lift the tender. This takes advantage of her enormous beam.

The master stateroom located to the fore of the Upper-Deck also takes advantage of the more than generous overall beam. Featuring a large bed centrally placed in the room. 180 degrees of panoramic windows allows light to pour into the space and simultaneously providing spectacular views. Other living spaces on the Silver Cloud include, a gym, sky lounge, main saloon, crew mess, crew and guest accommodation and galley.

The highlight of the sky lounge other than the panoramic windows has got to be the 63 inch flat screen television! This will flip downward from the ceiling on demand. The expansive main saloon will be dominated by seating regions and also carry the dining room.


LOA: 134.00 feet
BOA: 58 feet
Draught: 13.50 feet (maximum)
Displacement: 600 tonnes
Materials: Steel (hull) ; Aluminum (superstructure)
Engines: 2 X CAT C32 1100 HP
Speed: 14 knots (maximum) ; 12.5 knots (cruising)
Range: 3,500 NM at 10 knots
Fuel: 21,000 GAL
Water: 18,000 GAL
Classification: Germanischer Lloyd, IMO, SOLAS, MARPOL
N/A: Abeking & Rasmussen
Interior: Kirschstein Designs Ltd ; Susan Schuyler Smith, Spectrum Designs
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen
Year: September, 2008

For more information:

Silver Cloud,
Abeking & Rasmussen,
An Der Fahre 2,
27805, Lemwerder, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 421 6733-0
Fax: +49 (0) 421 6733-112


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