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unknown Abeking & Rasmussen Yacht

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Old 04-19-2009, 07:43 PM   #16 (permalink)
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unknown Abeking & Rasmussen

I don't know much about the vessel - basically everything is in post #6. Thank you for the links.
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Old 08-25-2009, 08:04 AM   #17 (permalink)
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When the building-number is 2907, then the former name is "Seebär" (sea bear). Here is the link for the buliding-numbers of Abeking & Rasmussen:

Germania III was rebuild at the middle of the nineties from Wegener Yachtwerft in Wedel near Hamburg and is lying in summer in the baltic sea and during winter in Wedel at the shipyard from Wegener. In 1998 they won the worldchampionship of the 8 mR yachts.
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Old 08-26-2009, 03:23 AM   #18 (permalink)
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Hello everybody out there,
I'm restoring an 50m2, build 1937 at A&R, Build Nr. 3232 and I can say from the one picture with the blue Hull, this is a 50m2 for sure.
The form of the bow above the waterline, the stern overhang and the deckhouse make an identification easy to me.
May be the stern was cut sometime ago, but there were several lines plans from A&R, two deckhouse versions, minimun two layouts and a lot of different building methods, Lead and iron keels and so on, because of private/navy/airforce clients, lead was unfortunately used later on for different purposes.
An 8mR is much bigger, usually about 15m overall.
On the website you'll find the complete List of all build Seefahrtkreuzer Boats from 30 to 150m2, Plans, Pictures and much more.
This our central website for this boatclass, actually there are about 10 boats of 50m2 in germany.
On fky dot org you will find direct links to websites of professionell Fotographers. They took Pictures last Weekend during the "German Classics", where 4 Boats of 50m2 and one 80m2 where to see.
The Sail Number is always in connection with an roman number, for examle III for 30m2, V for 50m2, VIII for 80m2 and so on.
If anyone wants further information, Pictures or Plans, write to me, my address should be visible.
In 2010 there is an class meeting beeing held during the cowes classic week and last year a book was written in english language, which can be bought here:
Suddenly the author died in autumn, but his work is to be continued.
The pictures:
The varnished boat was restored to original condition in 2007
the white boat is mine, stored in the garden of the previous owner in brittany, france and the plans is the version with the short deckhouse, usually build for the navy or airforce.

So you are asked, to tell us and them all facts about your boat, you can ever find.

Real boats are made of wood, everything else just looks like one by coincedence.

Best Greetings,
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Old 08-26-2009, 04:28 PM   #19 (permalink)
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Amsel or not...

Hello Spongebob,

The picture you posted and the dimensions look very much like a Abeking 50sqm Seefahrtkreuzer.
What are the odds that the previous owner chose the original name when he had to pick one, maybe he still knew it? A&R boats used to have a bronce plate around the rudder shaft telling the year, build number and yard. Maybe the plate was still in place when it was sold.
For those who don't have a german background: Amsel is german for black bird. Most of the yachts built for the German Air Force had bird names. In 1935 five 50sqm where built for the Luftwaffe, one of them being Amsel.
In the Register ( ) the whereabouts of Amsel are not known (yet) so I'd say there is a good chance that your boat is the original Amsel.

Here is the information about Amsel that I have:

Sail number V 34, built in 1935 by Abeking & Rasmussen in Lemwerder, Bremen. Build Nr. 2930, original scantlings: Loa: 12,45m, Beam: 2,61, Draft: 1,67m. Built without engine, Honduras Mahagony planks on steambent oak frames, first owner: Luftkreiskommando VI in Kiel, stationed at Bug on the island of Rügen. Built to the lines, accomodation and sailplan of build Nr. 2907.

I attached 2 pictures of Amsel in lightwind racing... or say I'll try.

Hope this helps,
Best Regards, Jan
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Old 08-26-2009, 05:54 PM   #20 (permalink)
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With permission of the previous posters I would like to show all the oprevious picturws etc to an old guy who worked at Abeking all his working life, I am told he is the guru of all old boats they did. I can only approach him through someone I know who has contact so please be patient.
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Old 08-29-2009, 07:53 PM   #21 (permalink)
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unknown Abeking & Rasmussen

Many thanks to all. Looks like I could have Amsel or Sea Bear. Appreciate all information!
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