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Originally Posted by Loren Schweizer
Bertram Yacht sent some tooling Down Under in the '80s. Hull/deck/flybridge molds for the 28, the 35 (I think) and the 42 (and perhaps others) went that route and some Bertram-ish boats were built by a company (the name escapes me) of another name.
They were lent to a company that was doing a joint venture with Bertram, the boats were called Caribbean and then later Southern Cross. Truly awful, they looked like bertrams but were built like crap.

Originally Posted by Loren Schweizer
I'm fairly certain that the classic models, i.e., the 31, 46, and 58 were chainsawed and likely add a couple of inches of elevation to Mount Trashmore down in South Miami.
31 was around till just before Ferretti took over. 46 was sold to a group that was doing a joint venture between MTU, Panasonic and Diaship, several were built under the "diaship" name with MTU power in the early 90's. The molds are still sitting around miami. The 58 hull mold was stretched to 70' by bertram, they never built anything out of the molds once it was stretched. The hull mold was then sold to Defender Yacht, they built a ton of big commercial boats from those molds.

Originally Posted by Loren Schweizer
The 72 tooling was bought by a chap who kept them in a loose pile on the Miami River in the early '90s and advertised them for sale for quite a while.
Wrong. What you saw for sale were a bunch of 76' Bertram fiberglass parts (72' SF with a cockpit extension) that were purchased by the owner of Reel Deal yachts who then assembled them into an unrigged yacht. He later sold that hull, deck, flybridge to a guy in italy who spent a fortune to turn it into this. I had several friends that worked on that boat while in italy, from what I'm told it's literally a work of art, finished far better than anything that a production boat builder ever built. The owner was supposed to buy the tooling for the 72' and move them to italy, but as I understand it right after this boat was completed and sea trialed, he committed suicide. The 72' molds as well as the remaining molds that were out back at the factory were there till last year when they got crushed and thrown away.

D_mn shame.
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