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Originally Posted by YachtNews
...but wouldn't this be a personal configuration? 'When you get into season?' What do you mean? Am I to assume you mean charter season? or when the vessel is fully broken in?

Umm.. bit of a strange thing to say. On this type of boat, the 'season' normally involves Kids.

Kids. Loads of the little swine.

Have you seen how much stuff they need these days? Wii mats, ski vests, My Little Pony/Barnyard/Zoo/Aquarium.

You need to store all this crud somewhere because they never remember to take it home with them.

I'm not a Dad myself but I do understand the fun of cruising with kids, a great education for them.

'Stuff' makes its own home and space and stays there. It always goes back where it came from, 'cos that's its home.
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