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50/50 formerly DSV

A Feadship from the De Vries shipyard, this is "DSV" She was launched in 1956 after being built for Marge Schott, the former owner of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. In fact, I have two, three gallon VSOP Cognanc bottles that she had made into lamps from the Reds 1940 World Series. "DSV" stands for Double Schott 5. Marge sold her to Arthur Godfrey, the TV personality in the 40's and 50's. There is a scene in a biography on film of Godfrey of him on her (the boat). From there she was sold to a banker in Maryland that donated her to the state while Spiro Agnew (Nixon's VP) was governor. Spiro had her amended so that she can be a legal charter boat in the US. While Agnew had her in the states possesion, he did a lot of "big wig" enteraining for the likes of Jackie Gleason, President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. In Fact, I have all of the log books from 1956 to present except for # 3 which supposedly "disappeared" because Kennedy and Monroe were on it together.

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