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Well I would have to say if you were viewing in Microstation Modeller the Feature manager looks very much the same.. you can handle past features and all aspects of the tree as the model is built.. also on screen at the same time all the constraints between the seperate features so I would have to say very much alike... The so called new version 'Triformer is also connected to a data base so EVERYTHING that is modelled has a mass,weight,material value and cost connected to it.. It work very well but like I said b4.. the feature manager seems to have change and constaining features is almost impossible.. Someone here said to me,, ah!!! it cant have change that much, you just forgot how! to do it..So that evening I took them to my house where I still have Modeller.. Showed them the featute manager set up and constraints.. In 25 second I modelled sever parts. You could see the tree growing and in that time constrained all the parts to each other..Its that powerful. I can only hope that a modern Triformer user see this post and can tell me how its changed and why Bentley mucked up something so powerful.. Dont forget,, Modeller is now 7 years old!!!
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