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Some contend the primary advantage, on a mono, is the lack of your reliance on the actual stays. As she flings to and fro, things that can break will, and so must be constantly inspected and monitored. Assume you had an urgent need to skirt the path of a hurricane, without adequate prep, or provisions.

And, on a Cat, I imagine the pressures would be harder on those stay-points as well as discomforting on a bumpy ride, like being 'almost' strapped-in on a older wooden ferris-wheel. I'll assume Brian has done his homework on the stresses at the hull adjoinment-points, and the contemporary state of that art. But, it's sheer convention to assume the self-standing mast must be constructed with a rectilinear (wood/epoxy) core, which is why I suggested maybe a star-shaped spine, integral to an elliptical riser, yet anchored on an actual 'turntable,' which is sort of an inverse of the Falcon's super-gimble anchor array. Albeit, her designer is way out of my league. Maybe the orbital grouping is a giant servo motor...?
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