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Originally Posted by KCook
Of course the Falcon has 3 masts. My hunch (and I admit it's only a hunch) is that the DynaRig concept lends itself best to multi-mast designs. For a single mast I would prefer a more conventional sail plan.

I think a major factor holding back the multihull motorsailers is that they are not self-righting. Find some way to overcome that issue and bingo! The demand for multihulls would start climbing.

I can also appreciate the interaction that occurs between fore-to-aft sails in a conventional rig, and those that could occur between a multi-masted Dynarig. But usually it's a case of the one sail gaining and the other losing...sort of a cancelling out. A uni-rigged vessel might lose a little in pointing ability, but the far greater savings in money for a uni-rig certainly makes financial sense. And there is considerable less aero drag.

The question of self-righting has always plagued the multihull. In this particular design I believe the mast and the yardarms could be built as watertight (sealed) entities by not requiring the very light weight sailcloths be furled-up inside the mast. Those sealed rigging pieces could provide for floatation in the unlikely event of which case she would lie on her side to some degree. This could (and I emphasize 'could') provide for a righting method that would not exist if she were turtle.

I am forever amazed at the powerboat crowd that speaks to this capsizing problem of multihulls without ever looking inwardly at taking some of the power designs offshore in a real sea.

...not a real big sea, but I would not want to be on this vessel in a BIG sea
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