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From this BBC report:
Italian divers have abandoned their search for bodies inside the wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia after conditions underwater deteriorated.

"We have definitively stopped the underwater search inside the ship," a spokesman for the fire brigade on the island of Giglio said.
Literally 2 weeks to the day, after the Costa Concordia originally ran aground / and was basically "sunk", the Italian authorities have apparently abandonned all hope of rescuing victims from the submersed parts of the cruise-ship at least.

I found it quite interesting that on the French news yesterday evening, the media interviewed several passengers embarking on another Costa cruise-ship tour, following more or less the identical itinerary of the Costa Concordia aboard a more or less identical cruise-ship. Noone expressed any real concerns in the wake of the Costa Concordia incident...?!

I do have a suggestion however. That cruise-ship operators in future somehow insist that all normal passengers sign a "disclaimer form" before buying their cruise/s, and somehow differentiate their own products from other suppliers. Such as those companies which accommodate adventurous individuals who like to bungee-jump in Papua New Guinea, or other destinations, where the nearest competent hospital is at least 30-60 minutes (helicopter) flight time away but who would never dream of attacking the supplier for receiving serious head injuries (they dress in shorts and have bones sticking out of their cheeks)...?! Unless I'm very much mistaken, in this case, we're talking about a very big and serious holding company owning the cruise ship involved as well as being a, if not, the major player involved in cruise-ships worldwide.

They might well succeed in getting away with paying out Euro 11,000 per surviving passenger aboard the Costa Concordia. Which is far too generous in my opinion - Disney would have made them pay (much less) for a similar but also much less memorable event...?!

Thank goodness though, that the media and other authorities have not released whatever images they might have had of any Hammerhead and other shark squalls venturing into the cruise liner. Apparently (and because of global-warming), the bigger sharks hitherto confined to the eastern Mediterranean (and coming through the Red Sea and canal) have since enlarged their territories. Whereas great Whites once reputedly roamed offshore between France, Corsica and Sardinia during a part of the year, as recently as 2009, their absence today consterns many. Instead of half a dozen great Whites hunting the incresingly rare tunas, the south of France and western Mediterranean countries should beware of the increasing dangers of "man-eating-capable sharks" arriving at their beaches.

Heck, that should add another €3-4 thousand to the settlement...?!

PS. In these difficult economic times, it would not surprise me if the Italian authorities eventually charged Costa Concordia survivors (why not individually, since the cruise-line has offerred them quite favourable terms) in an endeavour to cover all / most of the costs of the government's intervention and rescue efforts of passengers?! The cruise line is a corporation with limited liability. The Italian government (as most governments, have an unlimited liability). There is some difference surely. Especially during these days when 80% of the working populations of most countries are paying for and securing the mistakes of the world's most fortunate 10% (or should that be 1%)...
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