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Originally Posted by david_japp View Post
We are just completing the TOTAL rebuild of Alto volante (pka Tiky) a 1961 62ft steel FEADSHIP motoryacht (more on that in other posts ).

It was was, as I said previously, a TOTAL rebuild that has taken over 2 years and we have replaced literally everything on board from all the wiring to all the thruster, stabilizers, prop shafts. we fitted an entirely new interior and replaced 30mts of hull plating, a new teak deck and a new Pilot House. Unfortunately we also had to replace the lovely old MAN V12s cos they were seized and beyond hope ...and after a lot of research, guess what we fitted instead...GARDNERS!

We found a retired Gardner engineer and his son in the UK who bought two 40 year old 6LXB engines and took them completely apart and then rebuilt them. They are now real beauties that are "as new", suit the boat and will see me out.

At 84 ft and presumably with a displacement round bilged hull, you're never going to do more than around 12knts so you need slow revving engines with torque. Gardners are ideal for that and that's why so many big offshore fishing boats use them especially in the far east and Australia

re-engining is a major item and not to be undertaken lightly as you'll need to adjust if not rebuild the bearers and probabaly fit new shafts etc, to say nothing of the ventilation requirements could probably save some space with modern gearboxes..

but my advice is to stick with the Gardners ...
some pics of my new Gardner 6LXB engines being rebuilt
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