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Originally Posted by Larry Larisky
They come a long way from a small yard.
I am very impressed by their success, but personally not by the style. but that is my own opinion.
They still selling very well. I am glad for them.
It will be nice to see these yards like the Selene and Nordhavn coming back to built in the US inset of using the US just as a customer reservoir so to speak.
It will give a lot of good work, and the made in USA is still a premium in the world.
The N40 was originally built by Pacific Seacraft in Fullerton, California, but the molds were later moved to the South Coast yard in China where redesigns to pilothouse windows were incorporated and the series was rechristened the N40 Mark II. The move also allowed for a lower base price while still adding interior improvements.
Now standard are granite countertops in the head and galley, higher quality teak with enough varnish to fill the grain resulting in a perfect finish, a superior class of exterior stainless including a new stainless rub rail, and a redesigned hull/deck joint that accomplishes a precision fit.
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