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^ok, no problem at all. Knowing the Most are like that, like 'Newvida' above, which as suggested me, i prefer to skip my opinion, because more flexibility in mind, i kind understand people getting finally a huge amount of money and making replicates of 'Versailles' or other Louis XV interiors, old fashioned resemblance what for a time in the last centuries was thought of huge quality and Kings' things and whatever, to be called until today 'art'. Do then an more 'Art-Deco' of 40ies interiors like the buildings in New York, instead immitating France, that is more design reliable taste. I just do not comprehend those 'high modern exteriors' with those 'old interiors' appearance' contrast. So why not doing a 'Nao' (Carrack or nau) really like 'Santa Maria' was?, also for exterior, that imo would be much more fitable, other than the sport Reebok shoe exterior.

But i quite understand people travelling with airplanes daily crossing oceans to see those castle and palaces, praying daily in ticket long quenue to see those 'still life museums'. Ok, then when people got the right money, they make replicas in their own yachts. Those interiors are difficult to 'carpentry' and do not says really of top high end quality of materials in terms of design, even close like 'Philippe Starck' approach, with use those elements in a clean contrast of mirrors and white dream things. I am just the opinion if you have really a lot of money to drop in a boat, regardless savings, why not deciding for the most high-fi-end definitions of technologies and design appearance, we have today availible spread in shelves, even with a step further in future, instead of using things of 200 years ago? in terms of design. Then you are really odd in ocean, when you could have been a particular top singular taste, like 'A' tried, nobody near enough. Every port you come, you are really unique. You got impressive, instead of just +1 in port...

Well, i prefer clean, modern, easy-using and feeling myself comfortable enough, sitting in white leather sofas and less wood inside to enjoy. But then many glass-chrome, Murano colors softly stylish object's touches, white granites, shinning stainless steel and so on. Because those old rococo things are really difficult to mantain, with so many holes, clean daily, those bed's covers are difficult to wash and so on. But as i said, each one has a preference. And imense spread tapestry welcome dust.

But maybe is because i am in Europe, saw already many old castle things, carving churchs, and can't stand them anymore...

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