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Originally Posted by Capt J
Yes one of the smaller boats......either the 65 vsc or the 65 sf, travels with each megayacht. Any idea why she's being sold and they're keeping the old Gallant Lady the 1987ish 172' Feadship? I know Moran passed back in 2005ish.......but why deliver this one and then put it for sale a few years later. They did that with the 160' Delta, now Newvida, because Jim Moran ended up not liking the Delta and always stayed on the Feadship......and they ordered this Feadship to replace the Delta.
Well here is the Delta "Newvida" (ex. "Gallant Lady")...the interior might have been changed up a bit since being sold but I can still see some common points like the spindles on the stairway railings, it seems similar to that on the 2007 Feadship.
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