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Review: Westport Yachts 130'

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Review: Westport Yachts 130'

The Westport 130’ is a multi-level yacht that takes boat building to a whole new level. Before Westport, production based super yachts were literally unheard of. Utilizing Modular Construction, Westport hulls are built of laminated fiberglass mat and roving which is applied by automated overhead impregnators – the result is synchronized fabrication and controlled application. Westport Shipyards has become a popular waypoint for yacht owners seeking custom built yachts with the proven performance of a production based design.

Built on a fiberglass hull with Airex PVC foam, both lightweight and strong, the Westport 130's Awlgrip polyurethane coating accentuates the accuracy of its composite lay-up with a strikingly beautiful finish. Functional design with supreme quality and trouble-free operation are guiding principles in a meticulous manufacturing process that has made Westport one of the finest yacht builders in the world. Join us for a complete tour...[Read More]

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