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Review: Winter Yachts "Pacific Harmony"

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Review: Winter Yachts "Pacific Harmony"

Catamarans, Multi-Hulls, Tunnel Boats or “jet ski intakes”… whatever you want to call ‘em, expect to see ‘em propagate like an un-spayed litter. Cats have literally revolutionized powerboat racing and with good reason. They are faster, more stable and more efficient. In recent years, there has been a small pride of cubs trying to pounce on the luxury yacht market, but they have been met with the resistance of a rabid dog. That is… up until now.

Winter Yachts has released a tiger from the cage that goes by the name of Pacific Harmony. It’s an appropriate name, because they’ve achieved a harmonious balance that rivals a feline. Luxury, performance, style, ergonomics and hydrodynamics are all traits of this newborn. For the complete review...[Read More]

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