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Review: Hargrave Yachts 68' Capri

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Review: Hargrave Yachts 68' Capri

The Hargrave 68' Capri is yacht gleaming with elegance and style, designed for rugged, comfortable long range cruising, as well as fashionable onboard entertaining in handsomely defined detail. She is a production yacht, yet precisely customized to suit her owners’ most ardent desires.

There is much more to the Hargrave 68 legend than revealed by a simple boat tale. Think customer loyalty and satisfaction. For example, how many times will an owner come back to the same designer for a new yacht? In the case of Hargrave, the answer can be as many as four. That spells loyalty. This is a story about a man and his dream, and the people who helped him make it come true. But it is also about the experienced yachstmen who bought those boats, and who speak volumes about his company. For the complete review...[Read More]

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