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Concept: Fincantieri 88M "Virage" superyacht

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Concept: Fincantieri 88M "Virage" superyacht

Fincantieri 88-meter "Virage" superyacht concept

The Fincantieri yacht brand is demonstrating their capability to build super and gigayachts between 70-meters and 160-meters. One of the latest concepts that the company has collaborated on is the 88-meter "Virage". This collaboration involves well-known design firm Andrew Winch Designs.

88-meters is the LOA, 14.5-meters the BOA and approximately 3.75-meters on the draught. Gross tonnage is around 2,600-tonnes and the vessel in design spreads over six decks. Accommodation onboard is for fourteen in seven staterooms and cabins for twenty-nine crew members.

The 88-meter Virage concept has diesel engines with the capability to push her to 18-knots. The range can be around 6,000 nautical miles if sailed at a constant 12-knots but still trans-Atlantic at higher speeds.

Andrew Winch's synopsis on the design..."We have created the Virage 88 as the yacht of the future. The elegant combination of flowing lines and soft shapes will create a seamless yacht sculpture – we design our projects as floating works of art. The Virage 88 is a yacht being built by artisans: the latest construction techniques are being employed to ensure her unique profile and futuristic detailing are perfectly crafted. Synonymous with her name, she emulates the soft rolling curves of the waves, while providing a relaxed and calming environment for guests to enjoy."

For more information:

Fincanteri Yacht Division
19126 Muggiano (La Spezia)
Viale S. Bartolomeo, 446
Fincantieri - Cantieri Navali SpA


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