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Concept: Claydon Reeves 70M 'Caspian' superyacht

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Concept: Claydon Reeves 70M 'Caspian' superyacht

Claydon Reeves unveils 70-meter 'Caspian' superyacht

The new 70 meter concept yacht is envisioned to accommodate twelve guests in four double, and two VIP cabins. She is being called "Caspian" by the designer Claydon Reeves.

If the name sounds familiar you may remember this is the same design firm that was behind the stunning "Remora" concept unveiled a year ago. The new Caspian concept is estimated to have a range of approximately 4,500 nautical miles at 15 knots. Some interesting features to the Caspian state that she carries two eight-meter tenders.

The design of the yacht was developed from a simple 'speed form' which is widely utilized in the automotive industry. The design is also taken in part from the same Remora concept. The Caspian concept was unveiled at the recently concluded 2011 Monaco Yacht Show (MYS).

For more information:

Claydon Reeves
Studio 1
Braxton Courtyard
Lymore Lane
Milford On Sea
SO41 0TX
Claydon Reeves


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