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New Build: Laky Verf 45M

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New Build: Laky Verf 45M

Omega Architects designs 45m for Laky Verf

Frank Laupman and his office Omega Architects have taken yacht design to a new level, with their design for the mega yacht LV4500 (45 m). Due to the familiar lining of the vessel, this yacht can easily be recognised as a typical Laupman design. However, something about Frank Laupmans latest design is distinctively different from all of his previous, renowned yacht designs. The LV4500 design allows two variations for the General Arrangement.

With this ‘flexible design’ the vessel can be built as a luxurious private cruiser. And with a few minor alterations in the arrangement, suddenly the yacht turns into a vessel that perfectly serves purpose as a charter yacht for a large group of passengers. LV4500 is a completely new series of yachts, with a new look and a new approach in the functionality of mega yachts.

Other features of the LV4500 mega yachts are: the relative stability of the vessel, due to a moulded beam of 8.90 m. Also, the yachts are highly energy efficient. Its medium sized engines allow the yachts to reach a maximum speed of circa 16 knots.

Its cruising speed is circa 13 knots, and at this speed the energy use of this vessel is down to the level of a standard displacement yacht cruising with a speed of 10 knots. The yachts will have a tender garage for two tenders and one safety tender on the bow.

For more information:

Omega Architects,
Klepperheide 22,
6651 KM Druten,
The Netherlands.
Ph: +31 (0) 487 51 88 89


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