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Review: Pershing Yachts 115' Silver Bullet!

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Review: Pershing Yachts 115' Silver Bullet!

Pershing’s plush new silver streak is turning yachting into an offshore art form. This sleek new speedster successfully blends express cruiser styling, with luxury motoryacht amenities. At 115', the new Pershing is a low-profile megayacht that has as much to do with aerodynamics, as hydrodynamics... and high style with low drag.

It also has a lot to do with horsepower and handling, a combination that Pershing has been perfecting for years, resulting in a line of the fastest yachts afloat. While the exterior will turn heads, the interior will open check-books. So, come check out the new Pershing and prepare to see why... four more are on order! [Read More]

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