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Review: Millennium Yachts 140'!

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Review: Millennium Yachts 140'!

Millennium Superyachts, with a stable boasting rakish titles of adventure thrillers, like Thunderball, Octopussy and Moonraker – has now debuted what may be its most Machiavelian superyacht offspring yet, in “The World Is Not Enough.” The Millennium 140’ is a yacht that exceeds it’s action, adventure-flick namesake and just might become the catalyst for a whole new movie sequal.

The brainchild of John Staluppi, who’s previous titles also included the world’s fastest yachts, the M-140 has taken yachting into the new Millennium, literally… with a 75 mph rocket-yacht that is both speed and luxury... defined. Join us for the world premiere of a yacht so fast... film crews had to increase camera-shutter speeds to catch it!... [Read More]

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