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New Launch: Fourth Benetti Delfino 93' Yacht

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New Launch: Fourth Benetti Delfino 93' Yacht

Benetti launches fourth Delfino 93’ in Viareggio

This past April 18th saw the technical launch at Viareggio of the 4th unit of the new Benetti Delfino 93’ – entry yacht of the Benetti Class range – an event held on the grounds of the Azimut-Benetti Group’s Lusben company, located adjacent to the Benetti shipyard’s headquarters. Following the customary preliminary steps, including the traditional breaking of the bottle on the hull, the yacht was lowered into the water, a ceremony witnessed by Owner, technical personnel, workers, and all Benetti staff who oversaw outfitting and construction over the past several months.

Delfino 93’ represents a close link between Benetti innovation and history. The first motor yacht by this name was presented forty years ago at the 1969 Genoa boat show. The entry yacht of the new Benetti Class range and the first to be launched, has been selected by SeaNet – one of the world’s leading companies in fractional yacht ownership at the international level – for offering its customers the ability to own a yacht in a way that’s tailored to their boating needs.

For more information:

Azimut | Benetti S.p.A.
Via Michele Coppino, 104
55049 Viareggio
Benetti Web Site


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