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New Design: Grande Estime 78’ Classic Yacht

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New Design: Grande Estime 78’ Classic Yacht

Grande Estime 78’ Classic: Classical appearance with minimum maintenance

With the Grande Estime 78’ Classic, Olivier van Meer, the Dutch designer and naval architect, presents the ideal combination of living, working and traveling. This 24-meter long motor yacht has been specifically developed for long stays onboard and despite its classical lines, it has lots of interior space. This interior will be completely designed according to the owner’s wishes by Olivier van Meer.

Standard included are the practical solutions for technical systems, maneuverability and lots of details coming from owners’ feedback and the live aboard experiences of designer Olivier van Meer himself. The Grande Estime Classic has been developed for people who want to combine living, working and traveling with style. The first client will make a one-year trip with his family, from northern Canada, straight through North America to Mississippi. Doubly insulated, equipped with ice reinforcement and adequate to dry out, this concept is meant for the coastlines and inland waters over the whole world.

Despite the classical appearance, almost no hardwood has been used, for environmental preservation and minimization of maintenance work and costs. Important features are obviously not missing: hydraulic swimming platform with adjacent large lazaretto, hydraulically folding masts for low
clearance passages and a countersunk molded seat on the front deck that can also be used as a Jacuzzi. Apart from several possibilities for subdivision, among which a version with separate crew quarters, the Grande Estime can be easily navigated by two persons.

For more information:

Olivier van Meer Design B.V.
Zuideruitweg 66
1608 EX Wijdenes
The Netherlands
Olivier van Meer Design Naval Architect


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