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New Launch: Perini Navi Yachts 50M "Enterprise"

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New Launch: Perini Navi Yachts 50M "Enterprise"

Perini Navi launches 50-meter ketch "Enterprise"

The 52nd vessel of the Perini Navi sailing yacht fleet has been launched. She is sailing yacht "Enterprise" known as hull C.2173 in construction. Enterprise, has been designed by the naval architects at Perini Navi along with Ron Holland. She was built with an aluminium hull that has sleek and aggressive lines which, when combined with a longer waterline and strongly vertical appendages, make for improved sailing performance.

The connection to the sea onboard Enterprise is seen in -in part- the hull. It has an opening transom that becomes an ample beach platform. The 19-foot main tender is housed under the fore deck in a flush tender well that also houses a catamaran that can be mounted for day sailing.

On the interior, Enterprise’s design is by Hong Kong’s Edge Design Institute and has a brand new conception for the spaces. Flexibility in the use and division of the yacht’s various spaces combined with a well-planned choice of materials and colour tones give this yacht an absolutely new and innovative style. Delivery of the new 50-meter blue-water sailing yacht is scheduled for May 2012.

For more information:

Perini Navi
Via Coppino 114
55049 Viareggio
Perini Navi


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