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Review: Hatteras Yachts 60GT Sportfish

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Review: Hatteras Yachts 60GT Sportfish

The new Hatteras 60GT, viewed from any perspective, is simply gorgeous. Its shear line rises progressively to a bow that rivals Hatt’s largest sportfish boats. With its Carolina-ish flare and a soft tumblehome transom, this eye-catching, finely balanced sportfish evokes the notion... “Hatteras got it right!”

The hull bottom is solid FRP (over an inch thick) with a vinylester resin that precludes blisters. Hullsides, decks & superstructure are Divinycell cored, all ‘resin infused’, achieving a 40/60 ‘glass/resin ratio for strength and minimum weight. They got more right too... [Read On!]

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