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Review: Perini Navi Yachts 289' "Maltese Falcon"

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Review: Perini Navi Yachts 289' "Maltese Falcon"

A legendary name leaps into reality with the spectacular 289’ Clipper Yacht "Maltese Falcon", built by Perini Navi and originally owned by an equally legendary, modern day visionary Tom Perkins, who rescued her from certain oblivion. No longer experimental, this big black bird has swooped into modern sailing history.

Her revolutionary DynaRig sail plan brings ‘Today’ into yacht building with a near mythical return to glamorous, long-gone square rigged sailboats. Casting an ominous shadow on typical trapezoids, we reflect on the 4 year flight of the Falcon with chief build engineer; Jed White. CLICK THE PIC and set sail with the most extensive review ever published on this storybook build!

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