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New Design: VGD 60M Dhow superyacht

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New Design: VGD 60M Dhow superyacht

Van Geest Design 60-meter Dhow superyacht

Dutch yacht designers Van Geest Design recently presented a new design for a 60-meter superyacht taking inspiration from the tradition Dhow. The Dhow design features two deck-houses where much of the yacht's arrangement is contained. The lower deck holds accommodation as well for the crew.

The aft deck house hosts owners quarters and areas for activity. The main deck house, forward, encloses the bridge and a saloon with lounge along with dining areas. Additionally, to the aft of this deck house is a cozy area on the outside with L-shaped seating on either side of the centerline. As if this was not enough, guests will enjoy further space on the roof of the main deck house.

Interesting to note is the sail plan of the vessel, which keeps the Dhow theme alive. The plan has been developed in conjunction with Formula Marine. Pieter Van Geest comments: "We envision this as easy to use, push-button controlled. It is obvious that tacking is not straight forward, although with current technology not impossible. To do this, the mizzen sails have to drop first before the main boom can cross over. The intention is that the sails are furled in the booms and roll out when necessary."

In all, a very interesting design based on the Dhow's influence and spirit. However, not taking away from the practicality of superyacht living and luxury. She has a comfortable beam of just under 10-meters with a draft of 4-meters.

For more information:

Van Geest Design
Brouwersgracht 697,
1015, GJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Van Geest Design - Yacht Design


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